What if I want a cat a cat ?

What if I want a cat a cat ?

Many of us live pets - cats.However, the content may sometimes cause problems.In this article, we'll show you what to do if a cat is a cat wants.

first estrus in cats begins in 6-8 months and goes on 4-7 days several times a year.During this period, the cat meows constantly, rubs for people, other animals, and various objects in the house.Sometimes it rolls on the floor on his back.It so happens that the cat begins to mark an apartment.There are several ways to get rid of such problems.


If the cat is not a thoroughbred, the best way - to sterilize it, and not to torture myself or animal.This is a very simple operation, which does not give virtually no complications.Sterilize the animal can be from 5 months in a veterinary clinic, or call the doctor at home.It is worth it within a thousand rubles, postoperative care is simple - the processing of joints, on the tenth day, they need to be removed.Neutering also eliminates the possibility of the development of diseases such as ovari

an cancer.


There are various pills and drops to lower the sexual activity of animals.How they are harmful, can be found in consultation with a veterinarian, because each body's own characteristics.These drugs can be purchased at any pet store, but are not recommended, so as not to harm the cat without a doctor's advice.


If pedigreed cat, but knit it and give special preparations for specific reasons, can not (eg health problems), it remains one option - to endure.Estrus lasts not so much a cat wants a cat for a few days.At this time you need to be especially gentle with her.If the animal is not a breeding value, of course it is better to sterilize because your patience will not last long, and the cat is suffering.


easiest way out when you do not know what to do if the cat wants a cat, just give it to her.But be prepared for the fact that this, too, may be some difficulties.First you need to find a good cat, register stud through the club (if animals are bred), to continue to sell the kittens and place them documents.Next - birth, a cat may need help from a doctor.Then the kittens will be born that will require a lot of attention.They grow up quickly, will have time to make them vaccinated, feed, make sure that they receive all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.Think before you knit cat if you need this headache.

If your cat wants a cat, and this bothers you live, decide the issue one way given above.In no event it is impossible to knit a cat that she has calmed down, and then get rid of the kittens (to heat or put to sleep).It is inhumane with respect to small kittens, it is only born, they already feel.In addition, the cat of this is also very hurt.