What added to the vodka ?

What added to the vodka ?

We all know that the fusel odor and unpleasant taste of vodka give toxic oils and impurities.Therefore, in order to improve product quality, it is often purified by filtration.What added to the vodka, to eliminate peculiar smell and improve the taste of the product?In the manufacture of vodka uses a variety of flavors.In the ready vodka add various berries, fruits, herbs and various spices and then pushing it for some time to produce the desired effect.

What pour in the vodka

To improve the taste of vodka, home-cooked, long used flavoring.The very first product, which was used for this purpose was the hops.Even very small amount of it is able to eliminate the taste of fusel oils, which contain alcohol.Soon we noticed that has the same property and the same honey.Currently, to use different flavored vodka berries, herbs, fruits and spices.And if used for flavoring herbs, such a vodka gain except a pleasant smell as well and useful properties.

What to mix in the vodka: recipes

Here are some recipes for moonshine and vodka with improved taste.

  • robin.You will need: raspberries, sugar syrup to taste, vodka.Take the bottle and fill it ¾ of ripe raspberries.Pour the vodka, then the bottle should be kept in the shade for two days.Then strain the vodka, raspberries and discard.Fill ½ bottle of fresh raspberries, and then fill in the two days of the same vodka.Then strain the vodka and add it to taste sugar syrup.
  • Strawberry vodka.You will need: strawberries or strawberry - about 3 kg, sugar - 1,5-2 kg, vodka - 1 bottle...Pick strawberries or strawberry, grind with sugar and add the vodka.
  • Grape vodka.You will need: 1 liter.grape juice, 1 kg.sugar, 1 tbsp.l.tea, 5 pcs.bay leaf, 5 pcs.black peppercorns, 0.5 tspvanillin, 1l.vodka.All of these ingredients should be added to the vodka and insist 5-6 days.