How to download a video?

How to download a video?

Music lovers often want to not only listen to music, but also watch videos with your favorite artists.This can be done online, but there are times when the internet speed is not enough, and clip awful "brakes" when browsing.In such situations it is necessary to know how to download videos to your computer.After that, watching your favorite clips will be available at any time of the day.


The easiest way is to use clip download site, where provided for download many different video, including clips.This requires only a special window to enter a desired clip link and download it.


Download clip is also using RealPlayer program.But it is important to note that this program does not work in Opera.The program will grab any clip on the site, the user will only have to decide where to save it on your computer.


You can also find out how to download video from this advice is useful to those who use the Google Chrome browser.To do this you

must download once installed Chrome YouTube Downloader, and then under each clip on YouTube will appear a button "Download".By clicking on it and selecting the desired expansion, you pretty quickly download the video to your computer.

For users browser Internet Explorer

users of the browser can use the expansion of FVD Suite, setting that you see on the panel a special button "Upload Video", with which you can download any video on the Internet.

assistant at downloading

For users of the Mozilla Firefox browser to download the clips is a useful extension Video Download Helper.

Download Wizard for users of all browsers there Download Master program, which will help to download video from almost any site in a fairly short period of time.

Using sites

browsing options like download videos for free, you can use the services of savefrom or order to download the desired clip, you need only a special window on the site to insert the Web address of the video and click "Upload."The video will be downloaded to your computer.

Internet downloaders

You can also use the internet to download programs in services.An example would be KeepVid program that is very easy to use and works on the principle savefrom download only need to enter the address of the desired clip, select the extension and click the link to download.

can also work with Internet-loader clips and other video program SaveVid or ClipNabber.The operating principle of these programs is the same.

loader from the desktop

explore options for how to download videos from the Internet, you can use the services of programs that must be installed to your computer.To download videos from many sites, including from YouTube, you can set yourself program YTD Video Downloader.This special program will not only download your videos from sites, but will also, if necessary, to convert them to other formats for playback.To download videos using this bootloader, only need to enter the address of the video and click "Download."

for smartphones and tablets

There is also some tips on how you can download videos to view them on your tablet or smartphone.

  • for fans to download videos from YouTube is necessary to get the program TubeBox, which is designed for mobile devices.Besides downloading, the program maintaining HD-formats, background playback and video playback in offline mode.
  • For devices on the Android platform, you should use TubeMate loader.It works on the same principle as TubeBox.