How to download online videos?

How to download online videos?

In the information age on many websites on the World Wide Web lined movies, music videos and other videos to watch online.Of course, in most cases it is impossible to watch - because the content is likely pirated.But who stops?As you know, if it is impossible, but very desirable - it is possible.It is only necessary to perform the proposed instructions clearly.

Streaming Video

may happen that sit and watch online video is not possible.Alternatively, access to the Internet and you have an hourly watch a movie three o'clock more than an hour to download it.Do not worry, most likely, it can be downloaded and viewed in offline mode.Mechanics online broadcast can be of two types.The most common - the video is completely loaded on the user's computer and just play in the browser.This concept uses, the social network "VKontakte" and many similar sites.Less common and more highly specialized technique of broadcasting - online transmission is used, for example, service on t

he computer does not boot anything, and playback window - simply transmitted from the image server.How to download online video of the first type - will understand and uninformed user, for the second type of translation is necessary to even download and record the broadcast, which, of course, difficult in execution.

example of a useful program for downloading

One of the simplest to use, but effective programs is « assistant. "In fact, this program is not even, and add-on browser, a kind of extension that adds a function of how to download videos online.The program is available for download on the official website of the developer.Website Russian, so that problems with the download should arise - choose to return under "Select Browser" and remember the name of the program, which you use for walking across the expanses of the World Wide Web.Hit the link "install the extension" line in front of this program and wait for the download.When the add-in download, install and fully implemented in your browser, close links to the youtube, the video in the preview window in the social network "VKontakte" appear inconspicuous little buttons that allow you to download the preview video.Generally speaking, the add « "is multifunctional and allows you to download music, albums of photos from the" VKontakte "and many other things are not available to download.« Assistant "knows how to download videos online for free - will not have to pay for the use of the program.

Online Broadcast

Here, everything is much more complicated.In this case, there is not even a video itself.It's just nowhere download.But even if you ate - I have two options.And then you can wriggle out - do not download video and burn it yourself.There will simple program Fraps.Expand the video to full screen, and includes recording a video.And everything that happens on the screen, written to a file, which then can be accessed without an Internet connection.However, in the case of hourly internet that does not work - for video recording in his file still must first browse online.And, unlike the previous example, Fraps - paid program, but the same rich and worthy of its price.