Kuidas alla laadida Ameti ( büroo ) ?

How to download Office (Office)?

Offices There are many versions that you can install on your computer.You just need to decide which one suits you best, to examine all the details and features of each of them, and then install by downloading from the Internet.Today let's talk about how to download Office correctly.

Find a website where you can free download Office.You are cautioned that free downloading from the Internet Office is illegal, but if you are determined to do just that, then you need to find just such a site.It is necessary to specify in a search engine something like this query: download office (please specify version) for free.The search engine will give you the result as a list, select the appropriate site, come and see how Office download.The fact that the office is better to choose a minimum of 2003 (the newer the better).To download a free licensed version, you need to find the official website, however, there can be free to install Office only for a few months as a trial version.

Forms Office

Before you download Office for free, you need to read the information on each version.Is there a website where you can download and and choose the right program.They presented the program in 2003, the 2007, 2008, 2009, version 2010. And also there is the latest update in the form of Office 2013 a year.Each of them has its own characteristics.Now you know where to download Office.

process of downloading

Under each office is the inscription "download Office."Click on the link and then opens a window in which the offer to save or discard.The window provides information about how much space the file and its name.Click on "Save".You will then begin downloading, report on it can be viewed in the window with your downloads.To download will take some time, about 5-10 minutes.After Office is downloaded, it should be run.This can be done in the "Downloads", by clicking the mouse on the downloaded file.A window will appear, which will be a warning that the file can contain viruses, but to install the trial version of this warning is normal, that is, the danger does not represent.Then start the installation on your computer.Before you install Office, you need to close all open windows and turn off the Internet.