How to drink gin ?

How to drink gin ?

drink name is derived from the French language, genievre - is juniper.In the 16th century gin was invented Dutch professor of medicine Franciscus Sylvius.And in ancient times insisted on alcohol juniper leaves and used for medicinal purposes.

Jean - the only female drink from all alcoholic beverages.Initially, it did not drink in diluted form.Since then, as the gin became diluted and used in cocktails, it has become popular among women.

Gene - a strong alcoholic beverage produced from it grain for added flavor of juniper berries, coriander, as well as a variety of herbs, roots and spices.gin Fortress can vary from 34 to 47%.

undiluted real gin creates a sensation of coolness in the mouth, it plays in the cold compared with the burning of alcohol.

Not many people like to consume this drink in its purest form.He still intended more for use in cocktails.Gene - a unique cocktail component with a pleasant smell, and taste.

How to drink gin in a cocktail?Gin drink with a variety of fruit juices, c

ola or other drinks.It must be remembered that the genie is its essential "colleagues", which, in conjunction with it give the best flavor.This variety of vermouth, olive fruit, lemon, tonic and even pickled onions.

most popular cocktail with gin: gin and tonic. How to drink gin and tonic know if not all, then at least most of the people who use alcohol.We invented this cocktail British soldiers in the war in India, because with the help of this drink struggled with malaria, which often met at that time in India.And still drink quenches your thirst.

sure to remember a few rules for a successful preparation of gin and tonic:

  • gin should be only high quality
  • bottle of tonic open just before preparing the cocktail
  • lemon should be fresh
  • ice only non-carbonated mineral water, only melted, the liquid will not be troubled
  • to drink gin -tonik of straight tall glasses with a thick bottom

now prepare cocktail directly: fill the glass 1/3 with ice, pour 100 grams of gin, stir the ice with gin several times tofreed juniper flavor, then add 200 g tonic, garnish with lemon.

How to drink gin other cocktails?Here are a few examples.

is popular Cocktail Martini - Dry.Take 150 grams of gin, 50 g of dry white vermouth, mix ingredients in a glass for mixing, poured into a cocktail glass, add a slice of lemon peel, and decorated with an olive.

Another popular cocktail "White Lady".No one can answer the question, in whose honor is named the drink, but prepare it in all bars in New York and Paris.So take 50 grams of gin, 50 g liqueur "Cointreau", 50 g of lemon juice, preferably fresh, ½ egg yolk ice.In a shaker put ice so that it was filled by a quarter, and then pour in all the ingredients, Shake, strain.Preferably apply without ornaments.

«Pink Lady", a beautiful name, a beautiful color and taste.Prepared as follows: 50 g of gin, brandy, 50 g "Calvados", 50 g of fresh lime juice, ½ egg protein, 5 g syrup "Grenadine".In a shaker put ice, filling it up to half, add ingredients and shake.Strain and pour into a glass for cocktails, the edge of which can be sprinkled with sugar and decorate with lime and cherry.

«Kuruzo" - this kokteylnazvan in honor of the greatest tenor Enrico Koruzo.Prepare simple: take 100g of gin, dry vermouth 50 g, 25 g of green liqueur "Creme de Menthe" ice.In a mixing glass put some ice cubes, first volёm gin, then the other ingredients, mix well, strain.Serve this cocktail without decorations in cocktail glass.

Good luck in cooking!