How to download the entire site ?

How to download the entire site ?

But we do not even notice how have become addicted to the Internet.Finding any excuse for access to the network: the need to make the abstract, to communicate with distant friends, have fun, watching movies or playing computer games - we are more and more tied up in this system.And naturally that eventually we no longer satisfied with our speed of a connection, waiting for loading the next page simply exasperated modern man!And not only in these moments there is a problem, how to download the entire site.You may be some time without access to a network or something else, no matter what.We are interested in how to download a site entirely in your computer.Let's start!

methods how to download the entire site

Of course, for small sites can not contrive, since all web browsers have a function of storing a single web page.But what if the required resource is spread over hundreds of pages, but still with lots of sub-levels and internal scripts?Of course, manually save such sites - work hard and than

kless.So we come to the aid-shelf software solutions, designed to download entire websites on your computer HDD.They call these programs "offline browsers".Let's get acquainted with the best of them.

Teleport Pro

Proven softina, copes with the pumping sites with the Web.The program has a lot of settings.By and large, it is not filled with unnecessary (rarely used) functions.Setting up the program is as intuitive as its interface.And he boasts of its uniqueness and conciseness.

The downside can be assumed that the fee-based program.The license price - about $ 45.

Offline Explorer Pro

One of the most powerful programs "know" how to download the entire site.In addition to the priority appointment - download sites, it can help to save the streaming video (with the YouTube of the same, for example) and Flash animation.Settings program has a huge set.In this regard, possible to save templates (or profile), custom settings to accelerate the configuration process.The program integrates into Opera, to MFF, which certainly is a convenience and a huge plus.

again - for this miracle will have to pay about $ 70.But do not be sad - ahead of Open Source!

WinHTTrack Website Copier

program that will help you for free how to download the entire site.The program interface - Russian.It is possible to configure the depth of pumping, that is, the program starts to download full site, which throw a link to the original page.If you do not let her do it, of course.Another plus - the process of pumping tracking site and specific resource files.If you see that the downloaded file is unnecessary, you can easily cancel the download.Perhaps the only drawback of the program can be considered that there is no built-in viewer of downloaded sites.No problem, use your usual browser for this purpose!

So, I think we, together with you could figure out how to download the entire site to your computer.