What drink gin ?

What drink gin ?

Gene - is, first and foremost, a strong alcoholic drink.It is made by distillation with the addition of juniper, wheat spirit.It gives this drink a distinctive taste.The taste of gin, dry, so it is rarely used in its pure form.It is necessary to distinguish, for example, of sloe gin or sweet liqueur, which is traditionally made from sloe berries, which will continue to insist on the gin.The most common type of gin - it is «London dry gin» (ie London dry gin).This title is not a brand.There was thus called distillation process.This type of gin is used specifically for the preparation of cocktails.It should be remembered that in addition to juniper, often in the beverage is added citrus (lemon peel or orange).It can also be used additives such as anise, orris root, angelica root, coriander, cinnamon and cassia bark.

Jean came to us from Holland.He is considered a refined drink, while drinking it today all over the world happy.Even the most demanding gourmets can capture the magic and soft taste of a

n alcoholic beverage.However, we must remember that gin is one of those drinks that you should drink dilute certain drinks.That is what will make you feel the smell and aftertaste.

Terms of use gin

So, what drink gin, and how to use it properly?

  • The first thing to remember is the fact that a particularly good gin combined as an ingredient in cocktails.Thus it considered more pure gin male drink, since the alcohol content in it is at 37%.Very often, due to its castle you can hear it a second name, namely "mozhevelnaya vodka."
  • If you want to drink gin in its purest form, it is best to add in a glass of gin with a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon or lime.That smell mozhevelnik will go perfectly with a lemon scent.If you're wondering what snack gin, the snack can be the same as the lemon.
  • The most popular cocktail is a martini, gin and tonic, and as Vesper.

If you are confused: the gin is diluted, then we will present you a list of beverages, with which it is most combined:

  • vermouth (you'll have a martini);
  • tonic - it can be like a lemon Schweppes and Sprite (you'll have a gin and tonic);
  • vodka (get a very strong cocktail Vesper) - this drink is suitable probably for men;
  • Excellent gin combined with any freshly squeezed citrus juice (you will not strong, but youth and a delicious cocktail);
  • Mix gin with any possible beater (it can be as Campari and Angostura);
  • With the same success you can mix gin with any fruit or berry liqueur.

It is not necessary to comply with the standard proportion while preparing the cocktail with juniper vodka.For example, the original gin and tonic you can do on this recipe: 1 part 2 parts gin and tonic.However, you may well depend on your taste and use a different proportion, which is to your taste.

The same can be said about other beverages that you will use with gin.

If you do not know what snack gin, it is likely to be the most appropriate snack that will excite your appetite.By the genie can go green olives, lemon, lime, and even cheese.This appetizer is suitable in the case, if you drink gin before a meal, but if the drink is used at lunch time, you can combine it with meat or with fish dishes.

also need to remember that gin in no case do not drink in one gulp.Its taste is necessary to enjoy and drink in small sips.