How to make a brandy ?

How to make a brandy ?

Even in the I century AD, the Romans brought the vine to the territory, where today is located in France.They began to cultivate it and got a great drink.This drink was named after the city where it first appeared.And the name of this town of Cognac.Today, many of us like a strong flavored drink with a unique taste.In this article you will learn how to make homemade brandy so that he could compete with the stores.

method first


  • 3 liters of vodka,
  • 1 tbsp.lodges.high-grade tea,
  • 3 tbsp.lodges.sugar,
  • Bay leaf (6 pcs.),
  • black and allspice (6 peas),
  • Hot peppers (1 piece),
  • mint or lemon balm (1 tbsp. of boxes.),
  • Vanilla(on the tip of a knife).

You will need a large enamel pot.In it you need to mix all the ingredients.After that, put the pan for 10 days in a dark place.After 10 days strain the drink, pour into a clean, dry bottle and tightly zakuporte.

second method

How to make brandy at home, if the first method does not hit you like?Do not despair, there are other way



  • 3 liters of vodka,
  • Walnut (13 partitions),
  • Dry brown citrus (2 pcs.),
  • Black pepper (2 peas),
  • Bay leaf (2 pcs.)
  • oak bark (2 tbsp. of boxes.),
  • Pinch of tea top grade,
  • Pinch of St. John's wort,
  • Tarragon and lemon balm (a pinch),
  • Vanilla (on the tip of a knife).
  1. Take a large enamel pot.Fold it in 13 partitions walnut and fill them with vodka.Put on 3 days in a dark place.
  2. Strain the drink and add to it the rest of the ingredients.Put in a dark place for 10 days already.
  3. After this time, strain brandy, bottled and zakuporte.

If you want something else more interesting, then offer you the following recipes.

Cognac of spices and coffee


  • 3 liters of vodka,
  • Instant coffee (3 item boxes..),
  • sugar (3 tbsp lies..),
  • Carnation (15 pcs.)
  • Cinnamon milled (1 tea. lodges.),
  • Vanilla sugar (3 pack).


Prepare a dry bottle.Pour all ingredients into a loose him.Fill them with vodka (a small amount).Shake to dissolve completely the sugar could.After that, pour all the vodka, which you have, and put the bottle in a dark place for 14 days.

Cognac from the hips

Make cognac at home and everyone can.But survive 40 days and did not try - but a few.Our advice - want to get a great drink from berries - have patience.


  • 18 rosehip berries,
  • 5 peas of black pepper,
  • 1 tea.lodges.tea,
  • 50 grams of oak bark,
  • Hypericum small branch,
  • 3 liters of diluted alcohol,
  • 2 tbsp.lodges.Sahara.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl large enamel.Insist in a dark place for forty days.

As of alcohol to make brandy


  • 3 liters of alcohol, diluted to forty degrees,
  • oak bark (5 item boxes..),
  • Carnation (3 pcs.),
  • Cream (burnt)sugar (2 tea. lodges.),
  • The ground nutmeg (1/2 tea. lodges.),
  • vanillin.

most delicious drink out, if you will use ethyl alcohol.And how to get it today is not easy, virtually all home winemakers are accustomed to do with ethyl alcohol or vodka good quality.If you plan to use in place of alcohol brew, do not forget to clean it of impurities, so that your cognac has not got a bad taste.


  1. pour alcohol into a glass jar or a three-liter cask of wood.
  2. Warm sugar until until it becomes brown.Then add it into alcohol.Thanks shade sugar, brandy will be saturated color.
  3. Next, add in the bank all the remaining ingredients: cloves, walnut, vanilla and oak bark, to drink purchased his natural smell.You can not add some of the ingredients, if you do not smell like.
  4. Use a wooden spoon or spatula and mix well.Cover it with a lid and put in a dark cool place for at least 30 days.
  5. month later, filter cognac.For this filter it through cheesecloth and you can pour in a beautiful bottle.The drink is ready!It will be a bit like brandy.

Cognac grape

now about how to make cognac houses of all your favorite grapes.You will need to get the first wine material.

  1. Squeeze the grapes to get juice.Prepare an enamel bowl and pour the juice there.Add to it the wine yeast.Put in a dark place for 30 days, I had to drink ferment.
  2. One month later, driving the liquid through the moonshine.
  3. Then you get alcohol.Pour it in a barrel of oak and put to better times.Wait at least a year, well, if there are two.Cognac must be sustained, just so you get a great drink.

If desired, you can add cloves in a home cognac, caramel, etc.These ingredients will give him a very different note.

brandy from grapes and beer

This is a very simple recipe, but the resulting beverage will delight you.You need:

  • Mix 1 liter of dark beer with a liter of grape juice.Pour
  • to the same 300 grams of sugar, instant coffee (3 tbsp. Of boxes.), Add 25 g yeast and pour 1 cup of vodka.
  • Put a drink in a dark place for 30 days.
  • Strain the brandy and pour into containers.

As you can see, recipes for cooking cognac at home a lot.Choose one that you like it, experiment by adding different spices, and you have his unbeaten drink!