What cognac choose?

What cognac choose?

Cognac has always been considered a refined drink.Its taste, aroma, and the ability to positively affect the person to appreciate the true lovers of brandy.And what about those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the noble drink, a brandy choose?


hobby-horse can be called the drink produced on a strictly limited area of ​​France - region of Poitou - Charentes.Name he received from the city of Cognac.

Winery became the basis of the economy of the region in the XII century., And to the XVI century.France became the largest exporter of wine.During this period, it was found that the wine badly stored during transportation.Then we began to apply the process of distillation of wine, then diluted with water to the resulting cognac alcohol (distillate), and again to get the wine.Over time, it was observed that was kept in oak barrels for alcohol takes on a new flavor.Thus, in the Charente-end of the XVII century.finally got the production skate.

distillation method beverages produce

d in other regions of France (Armagnac), and in different countries.However, they are known as grape brandy.

not every brandy - cognac

deciding which cognac is better to buy, remember that drink bears the proud title of the ridge, producing more than 200 French producers.But the championship for several centuries occupied Hennessy, Martell, Remy Martin, Courvoisier.

We called brandy Greek brandy Metaxa, as well as drinks, produced in the former USSR.The most famous of them: Dagestan (Derbent, Kizlyar);Grammy Georgian Bagration, Erisioni;Ukrainian Shustov, brand;Moldovan White Stork.And what a good Armenian cognac?Traditionally, those considered to Ararat, Yerevan, Ani, Noah.

difficult choice

cognac to choose a worthy drink, you need to understand in its classification.The older cognac, the better it is.Soaking tannins and flavors of oak barrels, grape spirit acquires unique flavors.

In the CIS countries adopted the division by age, indicated by an asterisk:

  • ordinary brandies (3-5 years);
  • vintage (seasoned, top-quality aged, old and very old, from 6 to 15 years);
  • collection - made of high quality, with an extra aging in oak barrels for 3 years.

choosing what cognac is considered good if it is produced in other countries, guided by the following classification:

  • V. S.- 2 years;
  • Superior - 3 years;
  • V. S. O. P. - 4 years;
  • V. V. S. O. P. - 5 years;
  • X. O. - 6 years.

acquainted with the basic parameters of the classification of the ridge, you can decide what is best cognac.Guest experts will also help to make a choice.Just remember that a good cognac - a digestif, requiring no snacks.