How to choose wine?

How to choose wine?

Wine intended to adorn any table.Also, the drink is used as an aperitif before meals.Today, dear reader, we'll learn how to choose a wine.The quality of the reception of your guests and their experience will depend not least on the wine that you offer them.

Choosing wine

Wine - this alcoholic drink from 9% alcohol content up to 22%.Fortified wines - those where alcohol is added.The science that deals with the study of this drink is called oenology.

How to choose a wine shop?Unfortunately, we can not check on the counter offered wine to taste.Therefore, it is necessary to focus on a label on the bottle.Let's learn about the basic methods of selection of wine.

  • First of all, we must bear in mind that produced dry and sweet wines in the world.Exclusively for the Russian produce sweet wines.But it does not benefit our country and its inhabitants.The fact that such a beverage production is carried out from the lower grapes and sometimes from waste products.In addition, due to certain properties of
    semi-sweet wine, it needs additional chemical transformations, which leads to our morning headaches.
  • label should just declare wine producers.Any normal company for the production of wine is committed to ensuring that it recognized on the market.If you encounter illegible handwriting on the label, then before you fake.
  • Here's how to choose a good wine: the label must necessarily be present crop year.If not, then the wine in front of you, where it was used concentrate or modern chemical means to produce it.
  • on the label of good wine should have a list of grape varieties that have been used in the manufacture of this product.If to you "the best collection of berries from the southern slopes of the mountains", then it is better to do without this wine.This rule works for all producers, except for the French.The fact that in France the law prohibits manufacturers specify grape variety from which it was made or that wine.
  • incomparable advantages over other wines will be in the product, on whose label is specified the exact beverage production region.It is no secret that even within the same region, there are regions where wine will develop better than the neighbor.For example, Bordeaux, France - famous brand winemakers.This point, however, is not critical.
  • How to choose wine?Note exposure period of wine in the cask or bottle it says that wine is really good.The fact that the poor quality of wine is not profitable for a long time keep elsewhere, they immediately profitable to sell.Such wine is poured into plastic containers and sent to the place of sale.Thereafter the beverage already in place nonweak subjected to chemical treatment and then goes to our store shelves.

Let's also talk a little about how to choose a red wine.Not a bad way that is sure to help you not to lose in the choice of wine, is as follows.Ask your future guests, what kind of wine they prefer.According to the chosen wine, prepare the table.Try not to buy the cheapest wine.For example, the amount of 500 rubles per bottle can guarantee you that you buy real wine and not a fake.

also a good selection criterion - it is a personal experience.When buying wine, try to remember what you purchased.You can make a list of good manufacturers and black list of manufacturers whose product is better not to buy.It is also worth remembering the wine variety, country of origin and sladost.Vot is the case with wine choice, dear reader.Remember that in our conditions, the most terrible thing to buy a fake, so take our advice seriously.