What cognac is better?

What cognac is better?

terms of a winemaker-technologist, cognac - grape alcohol is obtained by the double distillation and aged in oak barrels for at least two years.If you come to the store for this drink and frozen in indecision before a huge showcase, not knowing how cognac is better to buy, remember these tips, perhaps they can help you make the right choice.

How to choose a good quality brandy and

From the point of view of international law, brandy can be called only drink produced in France, and not the whole of its territory, but only in the department of Charente.Any other strong alcoholic drink, which has substantially the same taste as the bona fide and brandy made by the same technology, but in some areas, it should be called brandy.

French cognac

most famous manufacturers of French cognac - cognac house Remy Martin (Remy Martin), Martell (Martell), Hennessy (Hennessy), Gaudet (Godet) and Courvoisier (Courvoisier).The main raw material for the production of French cognac is a white grape variety "Trebbi

ano", in addition to this "Montilla" is also used varieties, "Colombard" and "Folle Blanche", which are more whimsical, but alcohols derived therefrom, have a special flavor.

Classification of French cognac Cognac

classified in accordance with the term of their exposure.To cognac alcohol can be called brandy, it must be in oak barrels for at least two years.The maximum age of the cognac is not limited to the standard.It is believed that the older the cognac, the better it is and the correspondingly more expensive.To the young cognac advantages include its relatively low cost.

How to find out the manufacturer's name and age of the cognac

Pay attention to the label pasted on the bottle - it should contain the following details: the drink's name and its strength, the capacity of the bottle, the address and the name of the manufacturer, place of production and a special, literal age designationcognac.

How stands lettering aged cognac

  • V. S. - holding time of two to three years;
  • Superior - excerpt from three to four years;
  • V. S. O. P. - exposure period of four to five years;
  • V. V. S. O. P. - from five to six years;
  • X. O., any word Napoleon or Royal - Cognac over six years.

Soviet cognac

Previously, all manufactured in the Soviet Union called cognac brandy, and this tradition is still preserved in most countries, especially part of the USSR.It should be said that the former Soviet brandy, which is produced in accordance with a strict old guests, had excellent taste and could easily compete with the French.While the brandy produced in many republics, especially popular was the Georgian brandy Moldovan brandy "White Stork" and cognac Crimean winery "Koktebel".But the most the best cognac rightly considered Armenian cognac.According to legend, it was Armenian cognac "Dvin" liked to drink, Sir Winston Churchill, who, as you know, could even afford the most expensive French cognac.

classification of cognac in accordance with GOST

In accordance with the regulations cognac depending on the timing of its exposure is divided into:

  • ordinary;
  • vintage;
  • collection.

Determination of the age of cognac

  1. Age vintage brandy can be determined by the number of stars, drawn on the label - the number represents the number of years of aging (three stars - three years, five stars - five years).
  2. Cognac delayed for more than five years is called branded, it already has its own name and on the bottle contains lettering.
  3. If the bottle labels you see the letters KB, it means that the cognac has been aged in oak barrels for at least six years (cognac "Lezginka", "Derbent" or "Annie").
  4. In that case, when applied to a bottle labeling KVVK, it means that the age of cognac over eight years (cognac "Jubilee" and "Akhtamar").
  5. letters KS indicate that brandy for more than ten years (cognac "Holiday", "Kizlyar" or "Russia").
  6. oldest cognac, whose age is more than twenty years, is marked OS (cognac "Eniseli" or "Bagration").

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