How to choose the champagne ?

How to choose the champagne ?

before his birthday, corporate, male and female holidays and, of course, before the New Year is often the question arises, what to choose champagne.Previously, such a question was not, because the choice and something special was not, and today among such abundance is not surprising confused.Let's start with the main recommendations.

What is champagne

Probably many of you know, but for someone to be a revelation that called champagne correctly only those sparkling wines that are produced in Champagne - French province.All other alcoholic beverages made by such technology may simply be called "sparkling wine" and nothing more.This situation is fixed and official - the Treaty of Versailles.Champagne was invented in Champagne and only wines from the region can be called so.If you see the name "Soviet champagne" or "Russian champagne", it is simply a sparkling beverages, in which the word "champagne" - only part of the name, but not the name of the beverage as a whole.It just so happened that we cal

l any champagne sparkling wine, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to know how is the situation really is.

How to select champagne - a method of manufacturing

In order to correctly choose a sparkling wine, you need to know some of the nuances.And there you have the first one.Note the beverage production technology.To do this, get a bottle of one of the inscriptions: "Method champagne bottle", "classic method", "traditional method", "Champagne method" (in Russian or in foreign languages).It is about the method of double fermentation, by which any and produce high-quality sparkling wine.After the first fermentation turns ordinary wine.Then it is bottled and forced to ferment a second time.It was after the second fermentation and get that delicious drink, which alone can bear the proud name of "champagne".Of course, a sparkling wine made in such a way can not happen quickly.Moreover, such production requires certain costs, and because quality sparkling wine simply can not be cheap.If any of the above labels you found it means that the sparkling was made by adding carbon dioxide ordinary wine.This means that bubbles and artificial flavor, and is usually not very much.

How to select champagne - other criteria

Next, pay attention to the traffic jam.Once and for all, remember: in a quality sparkling wine cork stopper should be, and in any case, not plastic.Just plug of wood will help keep the taste of champagne to the full.Now look.First of all, the form of the bottle must match exactly the bottle, which is usually poured champagne.Information about the factory and the date should be marked on the label by mechanical means, and the label itself should be smooth and neat, and without any traces of glue.Also neat appearance and must have a foil, and wire.Now let's talk about the Champagne varieties and concrete producers.What


best varieties for the sugar content in all 6. There is a very dry sparkling wine, which is also referred to as ultra-brut or extra brut (other options: brut zero, dosage zero, pas dosage).Next on the extent - a very dry wine or brut.Next is a dry wine (extra sec, extra dry), followed by semi-dry (sec, dry), sweet (demi-sec, semi-dry), and finally, the sweet (doux, sweet).In terms of sugar content of all this can be expressed in a table (the data are given in grams of sugar per liter):

  • extra-brut - less than 6
  • Brut - from 6 to 15
  • dry - 13 to 20
  • moist - by18 to 35
  • sweet - from 36 to 50
  • sweet - 50+

With regard to specific manufacturers, the lovely sparkling wine produced Crimean plants "New World" (he had been there and tasted - it is 5 km from Sudak) and "Abrau-Durso" and Russia's "Sparkling wine", "MKSHV", "Cornet" and "RISP."These plants produce sparkling wines classic champagne method, well, some champagne from the best offers - you decide.