How to drink mulled wine and cook at home?

How to drink mulled wine and cook at home?

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How to drink mulled wine and cook at home?

very first began to drink mulled wine in the 18th century Europeans.Even then, they were fantasizing and unusual recipes a variety of mulled wine.

I must say that initially came up with the punch.Punch - an alcoholic drink, which consists of fruit juice, rum, wine, honey (sugar), cinnamon (or pink).Punch Recipes are very diverse, each with it may be their own, not absolutely necessary to observe the proportion or number of components.Mulled wine - a kind of punch.

Mulled wine: you need to know

Mulled wine (gluhende wein, it - glowing wine) - a heated diluted wine, in which is added different spices and fruits.Warms the body and soul of the drink is especially beautiful in the winter.Let's talk about the mysterious drink more.What he is is how to cook a mulled wine to whether it is difficult and it is necessary?How to drink mulled wine, is there any special rules?What serves mulled wine?

How to drink mulled wine: the basis

believed that drinking this beverage should be in the cold season, as a ready to drink mulled wine should be, as they say, with the heat from the heat, ie,hot.

Ready mulled wine to drink after a meal, becausehe did not appetite.The drink is usually served after dinner instead of dessert.

How to cook a mulled wine at home

preparation mulled wine does not take much time, it is most often made from red wine.

prepare mulled wine is not so difficult at home.Most important, this drink during cooking should not boil.Otherwise, the taste and odor are obtained absolutely not such as should be.At the end of the beverage production temperature should not exceed 70 degrees.

To prepare mulled wine we need: 750 grams of red table wine (can be white, but it is better red), 7 pieces of cloves, to taste add the nutmeg, 50 grams of water, 1 tbspSahara.This is a classic recipe for a drink.You can think of your recipe, many add the lemon zest and lemon, fruit (apple slices, orange, tangerine), other spices (cinnamon, cardamom, coriander) and even spirits in very small doses.They give a special delicate taste of mulled wine.

So, just how to cook mulled wine.Turku fall asleep razmelchёnny nutmeg and cloves, fill with water, the mixture is brought to a boil, then cook for one minute on low heat.Insist 10 minutes.Now pour the wine into the pan and set on fire, a little heated and immediately pour the infusion of cloves and nuts, add sugar.

How to cook mulled wine right?The secret is not to overdo it on fire, just remove when it first became hot.Immediately after preparation of the beverage is poured into cups and transferred to a kettle, it is desirable that it be ceramic.I should add that mulled wine is not warmed up several times, prepare and drink immediately.The only way you will experience the real bouquet of taste.

drink Use - measure

How to make mulled wine, we now know, and more important to know that the drink is useful for infectious diseases, mental disorders and physical ailments, in violation of the gastrointestinal tract.During the period of illness or infirmity drink mulled wine in small portions.One or two glasses are enough to keep warm and take a cough during a cold, the greater the dose will only aggravate the state of drowsiness and headache.

But the most useful of all the mulled wine mulled wines considered in the preparation of which used the juice and fruit.

This drink is universal.It is suitable for the warm company of friends at the cottage in winter, when the windows of snow and frost, and for a romantic meeting in a cozy cafe.Drink warm and intimate conversation will contribute two lovers.During his illness will not only help to get well, but cheer up.

Though drinking hot wine was invented in Europe, in Russia, in ancient times there was an analogue glintveyna- sbiten.Cook it was quite difficult and long.First of honey, hops, spices and water mixture is prepared.This mixture is boiled and then added yeast and set to ferment.Only after that could receive sbiten.To this was added water and heated on fire.Bottled in wooden cups and used as a remedy for many ills and as a standalone drink.