What to drink cognac ?

What to drink cognac ?

Cognac is an elite alcoholic beverages, the use of which requires compliance with certain rules.To get pleasure from a drink, you need to know not only how to drink cognac, but with nothing to drink cognac.Only in combination with certain products of its exquisite taste is revealed fully.

What to drink cognac: gourmet tips

When it comes to vintage expensive cognac, then a snack is not to say at all.As a good cognac has a self-taste, it does not need a snack.In this case it is necessary to adhere to the rules of the three C: cognac, cigars, coffee.First, drunk a cup of brewed coffee, followed by small sips tasted cognac.After serving brandy smoked a cigar.

Ordinary cognacs can be used as an appetizer and served with a variety of snacks:

  • chocolate.The taste of good aged cognac has shades of spices and vanilla, which will fully unfold bitter chocolate.Several types of dark chocolate would be a great snack for brandy;
  • cheese.For more suited cognac "holey" cheeses with a fat content of more than
    75%: Emmental, Maasdam, Cheddar.Unusual flavor snack will give a slice of lemon, sandwiched between two slices of cheese;
  • honey.Unforgettable taste can be obtained in a slightly warmed honey to dip slices of cheese and nuts of different varieties;
  • fruit.Pears, apples and grapes are ideally combined with brandy;
  • seafood.Great balance of taste make cognac lobster, oysters, scallops and other seafood.Good brandy combined with sushi or sashimi;
  • meat.Thinly sliced ​​beef tenderloin, foie gras (duck or goose liver) to soften the taste of skate and make it more velvety;
  • dairy products.For dessert, you can drink brandy with cream or ice cream.

lemon as an appetizer for cognac

If you do not know what a snack cognac lemon that fit perfectly.Although opinions about whether it is possible to have a snack cognac lemon diverge.The French believe that the sharp taste of lemon, like other citrus fruits, interrupting the beverage flavor and noble taste.In Russia, the lemon is one of the most popular snacks in cognac.This habit has taken root since the time of Nicholas II.According to legend, he did not like the sharp taste of cognac and it is preferred to have a snack lemon.

traditional snack with a lemon - a slice of citrus, sprinkled with sugar and instant coffee.Much more interesting to make caramelized lemon.To this end in a syrup of sugar and 300 grams water 300 ml lemon slices are boiled for one hour.Then slices are dried in the oven at 150 ° C for 30 minutes.Caramelized Lemon has a less intense taste and a better harmony with brandy.If desired, it is possible to glaze with chocolate or sprinkle with cinnamon.

Another original snack will with lemon, if a slice of lemon to put a mixture of grated cheese with honey.

drinks with brandy Cognac

not necessarily be consumed in its pure form.You can drink brandy and Coke and coffee, mineral water and tonic.Or cook based on a variety of cocktails cognac.

  1. Brandy Martini (mix equal parts brandy, martinis and mango juice or peach).It has a mild sweet taste and a fortress.In the case of the pink martini replaced by orange juice.
  2. White pleasure.250 gr.ice cream, 130 ml of milk and a banana in a blender whipped into a homogeneous mass, is added to 25 grams.cognac.Cocktail obtained low-alcohol and has a pleasant milky taste.
  3. Chocolate dream.Simple but delicious cocktail, which has the taste of chocolate ice cream.To make it, mix in blender equal amount of brandy, cream (35% fat) and chocolate liquor.