The snack cognac ?

The snack cognac ?

Alcohol, especially the one that refers to the expensive kinds, should be consumed in moderation and with proper nutritional support.Let's talk a little bit about what is best to have a snack cognac.So:

The snack cognac?

When it comes to preferences, especially about the preferences in food, then you need to talk about each person individually.You should know that cognac is not to drink in one gulp, such as vodka.Cognac - a "long drinks" that is needed by a few sip and enjoy its strength and flavor.For maximum enjoyment of brandy, we must be able to feel its flavor.That is why brandy is usually served in special glasses, which are called "sniffers" (from anlg sniff -. Sniff).This glass is a glass, made of a colorless transparent crystal.Glass is wide at the bottom and up it narrows.Glass stands on a thin stalk with a broad platform.Cognac, when used, should have a temperature above room temperature.Warm cognac exclusively in his hands.It can be drunk after a feast in its purest form.Typically, a

fter a glass of brandy offered a cup of coffee or tea.You will not be able to feel the taste and bouquet of brandy, if you drink it with meals.This explains all the rigor of cognac consumption procedures.Cognac made chocolate snack.French style involves the use of a sequence of cognac.First you drink coffee, then brandy and then smoke your cigar.That's what a snack cognac.

selection of dishes that should be on the table along with the cognac is subject to this rule.It should not be lost on the background of cognac taste, but it should not interrupt.Taste dishes corresponds to slightly emphasizes the bright taste of cognac, which is why the dish should not be completely identical to the taste of cognac.Intense taste of duck or lamb meat perfectly complement the taste of a good skate.Well, white fish meat or lettuce is lost and will not bring the proper enjoyment.

traditions suggest meats, fruits, dried fruits, chocolate, coffee and desserts as the main snack for brandy.A good combination of form cognac together with elite varieties of French cheese.

Anyone can come up with an appetizer to any of your own hard liquor.We see what is most often made snack cognac.- Your task is to decide on your choice.So:

  • Many prefer as basic snacks to brandy, cheese, chocolate and grapes.
  • known that, often, offer a lemon as an appetizer for cognac.This tradition was introduced into Russian life even Nicholas II.However, this tradition is devoid of some logical explanation, because cognac - it's not tequila.Apparently, the choice of lemon - is an individual choice that has evolved into a fashionable, well then, already in practice.