How to download music from the radio?

How to download music from the radio?

Often such a situation, when you hear on the radio is very good song, but do not know the name or do not have time to look.One solution - is to record a song from the radio, but most immediately set a new question: how to download music from the radio?

program "Radio receiving PlusĀ»

, do not need any knowledge of the various and complex procedures to download free music from the radio.All you need - is to download the program "Radio receiving Plus".This program is very easy to use: you have to find your favorite radio station, among others, at the right moment to press the Record button.After recording the music program will ask you exactly where to save the recorded file.Radio recording is saved in mp3 format.This program is now ranks among the simplest of programs.


You can also download music through the known Winamp program.In this program, many advantages that they do not even make sense to list.It became popular in the field of radio recordings thanks to the excellent quality, th

e lack of restrictions on the length of the recording and the availability of different recording formats, among which is also a mp3.In order to record a track, we need Winamp program itself and Streamripper plugin.It is necessary to perform the desired radio connection and start recording.Also, this plugin has a wide range of settings.


This program also enjoys high popularity among music lovers.It reproduces almost all known formats, radio plays, records from microphone, encodes and records ready audio files to disc, sorts them.It is very easy to use, but unlike the previous program, there is no maximum recording time.Perhaps for some it is a minus, but you can do without it.To record music from the radio, after connecting to the radio you need to click the radio cap.However, before we do this, we must first configure the program to suit your preferences:.. Waiting time, buffer size, the address to the song, recording format, automatic splitting into separate tracks, etc.

Screamer Radio

The difference this program is verya wide range of radio stations that are no longer divided by country and by continent.For the record you need to choose your station and click on the record.All files are saved as standard at C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Music \ Screamer Radio.


But what to do when you want to download music through the radio, under the hands of just a simple radio receiver?In this case, almost all modern audio devices are audio recording function is designated generally RES.So you should just search on your remote control and the button to start recording at the desired carrier.If this button is absent, it is useful once again to review the instructions for the audio device.The second method is to download music from the radio, is just a transition from audio device to your computer to AUX format.In this case, record the song just because the computer can turn on trivial internal recorder and record the airwaves.Linking radio with a computer can be both over HDMI, or just directly through the outputs on the audio card.

more complex way of writing - the use of professional equipment to record.You can either connect the radio - & gt;audiokodek- & gt;recorder.


also to record Internet radio, you can use other ways.For example, you can find online to your favorite radio station and use a variety of programs for inner sound recording directly from the browser.These programs include Movavi Screen Capture Studio.The program can produce a variety of audio recording, including a recording directly from the browser.

way how to download music from the radio, there are many, choose any suitable.You will be easy to do it, because now you know how to download free music from the radio that you like.