How to download music from Yandex ?

How to download music from Yandex ?

Service "Yandeks.Muzyka" is gradually becoming more popular because it allows you to find, and easy to organize, in practice, any song.For many users the inconvenience of delivering that service can use only via the Internet.In all such situations arise when music is needed, "offline", so urgent is the problem of how to download music from Yandex.

We download music from the service, there are a number of advantages compared with other sources.Primarily, this protection against viruses.Often, downloading music from an unknown source, the user risks to carry the virus on the computer, but in the case with the service "Yandeks.Muzyka" no such risk.In addition, when the possibility is very conveniently organized search for the desired composition.The undoubted advantage is also a minimum amount of advertising that, in this case, is unobtrusive and pleasant.There are many ways to download music from Yandex, but not all of them are equally reliable.If you want to save your favorite songs on your compu

ter, this will help you to add-on for your browser or special software.

first method

How to download music from Yandex?Yandex Music Downloader - addition to the popular browser as Mozilla Firefox, lets you download songs from Yandex.

plugin is installed just like other plugins for the browser.After installation, you will see next to each composition to "Yandeks.Muzyka" "Download" icon, whose purpose is clear.After clicking on the icon will open another tab in your browser, which will Chrome player.To save your favorite tune, simply call the context menu by clicking on the gray box of the player, right-click.To successfully complete, it is necessary to click on "Save As."

This addition is stable and does not cause problems.After the release of the new version of the browser, it is necessary to wait until the creators tailor the plugin, after which, it should be is put to.

second way

Another good addition to the same browser is NetVideoHunter Video Downloader.The installation of the plugin, we do not describe, because it is similar to other additions.

install add-ons, you will see its icon in the lower right corner of the browser window.When playing music on Yandex icon starts flashing.To save a favorite track, just click twice on the icon flashing additions.This will open the plugin window, in which you need to click «Download», to download the file to your computer.

use the Media Browser

How to download music from Yandex, with the help of this tool?This program has a very user friendly interface that allows you, not straining to download your favorite songs.

To begin, download from the Internet application installation file, and put it on your computer.Important: be careful not to accidentally download Mobile Media Browser when downloading the program - it is not the application.

After installation, run the program.In its window, select the desired site.In our case it will that, click on "Go" in the main menu - "audio search".Then, in this same menu, click on "Window links" - "Broadcast traffic", and then «Media Browser», then the program will prompt you to select the desired folder to save your tracks.

After the procedure, you simply navigate to the page with your favorite tracks when "Yandeks.Muzyka", and run the songs that you would like to download.After that, they will automatically download to the specified earlier folder.Comfortable a feature of this program is that all the files are named "Artist - Song Title", so after downloading you do not have to manually change the name of each file.