How to check the wine?

How to check the wine?

Wine - a popular low-alcohol beverage.Nowadays, in stores provided a huge range of these products.The wine can be selected to suit all tastes, from any manufacturer, any exposure.The most important thing in any product that a person uses for food - quality.In this article, we will help you figure out how to check the suitability of wine for consumption.


  • Check "by eye" bottle of wine, if it has a cloud point, you can safely dispose of it, because the content of the bottle dull suggests bacterial infection of wine.
  • very easy to check the white wine.its color should be clear and transparent.If the wine has a brown hue, then it was subjected to oxidation.A gray shade at all says about dying wine.Wine
  • seeps through the tube, therefore it is poorly kept, air can penetrate into the bottle.To use absolutely not suitable.
  • wine Smell is very important and good points to the shortcomings of the product.For example, if the wine is hovering aroma of rotten eggs, then it is fermented.said Odor mold
    that poor quality cork has been used in the packaging of the bottle.This wine to drink is not desirable, but it is possible if you are not a foodie.
  • your taste exactly like tell you the quality of the wine or not.If the taste, the wine seemed you bad or tasteless, nothing obliges you to drink it.
  • At the bottom of the bottle can often see pieces of cork, the so-called "white crystal", they are a natural phenomenon in transit.It is not pollution and no taste abnormalities blame does not attach.
  • If you long to store wine, and on the bottom of the bottle was organized sediment, that drinking wine is also impossible.First, pour it into a decanter through gauze to hold the sediment.
  • Finally.When buying study label.It should be written in all of the data: country of origin, factory trademark.Buy wine only in reputable stores that have credibility.

How to check the house wine

next question, which we will look at how to check the quality of the wine at home.Here are some ways:

  • Pour water into a glass.Take some capacity less than glass.Pour the wine into it.Immerse the container of wine in a glass of water, while holding the top of the container with your finger.Then release your finger and watch as will behave wine.If it spreads on the bottom of the cup and mixed with water - it means goods of poor quality and can not drink.Good wine remain the same consistency.
  • Do the reverse experience.An empty glass of wine, put a container with water and pour on top.If the wine remains in the tank - poor quality wine.Good wine stand on the surface.
  • Very good experience can be drawn with chalk.Drip chalk several drops of wine, wait until the stain is dry.If the spot has not changed color, it means that it contains dyes, therefore, wine is not natural.
  • Another experience that is easy to hold on to the home kitchen - add the wine a pinch of baking soda.Any reaction that will cause soda, says forgery wine.Real good wine does not react on the soda.
  • And the last experience that tells you the quality of wine: a bottle splash in a drop of glycerol.If a good wine quality, the glycerol sink to the bottom and do not change color.If glycerol colored with a color of the wine and dissolve, then the wine is very poor.

Red wine

Now you know how to not become a bad consumer product, and the last thing we will tell - how to check the red wine.Red wine is perhaps the most frequent choice of alcoholic beverages.And to understand it as we also help.

  • first method, how to check the quality of red wine - pour into a glass to shatter a little and stop.On the walls of the glass should remain film.The longer it will remain on the walls of the glass, the better red wine.
  • Most importantly, pay attention to the color.Wine can be purple, bardovym, pink, not brown.This shade is not talking only about the poor quality, but also the age of the wine, not suitable for drinking.
  • distinguishing sign of good red wine - is that over the years, wine acquires a deep color.As for the taste, but good wine can rasprobovat a few times.The first time you feel the aroma, determine the quality of the smell.Tasted the taste, you will after a few sips, as a rule, when you drink, not degustiruesh wine, a keen sense of smell and taste.A good wine taste becomes more intense.The average quality of the wine, the taste is always the same.

course, how to check the quality of the wine - today it is a question of date, since this is an issue directly related to your health.It is unlikely that someone would like to become a victim of bad alcohol and survive the poisoning.Drink only quality wine.