How to make wine at home?

How to make wine at home?

How to surprise guests and relatives self-made dishes, try new recipes of various cuisines of the world!Even more unusual is the preparation of their own wine.House wine - a nice drink (alcoholic!) With the bright taste and aroma of your favorite berries or fruits (or maybe a combination thereof).Today we look at how to make wine at home properly, to keep the whole palette of flavors.

House wine: important points

  • sure to take care of the presence of clean room and clean utensils.
  • Ideal make homemade wine in oak barrels, but do not worry if you do not.No less tasty and the wine will turn into glass bottles (most importantly, to comply with all remaining recommendations).These glass bottles must be dense, tight lid with embedded in them with rubber tubes (tubes should fit snugly, anywhere on the edge of the air should not leak).
  • Prerequisite delicious house wine - high quality raw materials.Homemade wine can be very diverse in taste, so how to make wine at home can be of different fruits and be
    rries.Pears, apples, plums, apricots, currants, grapes, and many other raw materials are suitable, the main thing - quality.It should be moderately ripe fruits and berries, without damage and without rot.Mechanical damage can be cut off (for example, a dark spot on an apple).
  • Before cooking wine raw materials are usually not clean, as are the yeast on the skins and fermentation to contribute to that "produces" our wine.Very dirty apple, for example, can be wiped with a towel.

There is also a mandatory conditions, the implementation of which - is the key to getting a tasty house wine.

  1. proportions of sugar.The amount of sugar will affect the wine castle on the principle that an increase in sugar increases the wine castle.Want fortified wine - add more sugar.Consider with the characteristics of the raw materials.For example, apples are sweet enough, because the main thing - do not overdo it.Too much sugar can lead to the fact that will not important stage in the production of wine - fermentation.
  2. Set and maintain optimal temperature for fermentation.It is about 20-25 degrees.
  3. Observe the optimum acidity of the medium during fermentation.It is 0.5-0.6%.Excess acidity of the juice will make the wine unfit for storage and tasteless.

order to make wine at home, you have to pass three stages:

  1. getting juice from high quality raw materials, called wort;
  2. fermented wort;
  3. lightening resulting wine.

Now, this sequence of steps will look at how to make wine at home.

Preparation of raw juice

  • Prepare the highest quality raw materials, carefully selecting fruits and berries, getting rid of the foul-smelling or rotten fruit, dirty wipes (remember - wash is not desirable, wash away all the bacteria required for the basic process - fermentation).
  • Berries tolkushkoy mash, fruit can be passed through a juicer or a powerful electric grater.Wrung out all the juice.
  • Now we need to drain the juice to the maximum transparency.Passes it through several layers of gauze, you may have to make several of these transfusions.This stage of purification is very important as we get rid of pectin, which can negatively affect the quality of wine.In addition, because of the pectins wine may become cloudy in the fermentation process, they can release their dangerous toxicity of alcohol - ethanol.
  • Strain the juice, add sugar.Most berry fruit and sugar content is 10%, excluding the grapes in it of 16-25% sugar.Increase the sugar content of 10-15%, that is, add a liter of juice of about 100-150 grams of sugar.We remember the important points (see above) with the addition of sugar.
  • If the juice is too sweet (eg, apple), it is necessary to balance the acidity of the medium, adding, for example, juice, currant, plum, or any other sour juice.If the juice is too acidic, it should be diluted with water, reducing the acidity to an optimal (here a matter of taste).

fermentation process

  • Fill the prepared juice into clean containers or in a barrel with a narrow neck.Fill the tank to 2/3 volume, asin the fermentation process should be a place for the resulting foam, say, wine is "playing".
  • sealed lid with a straw.Omit the end of the tube in a beaker with water.This design will allow us to observe the process of fermentation - in the cup will come out the air bubbles.This vesicle release process will mean that you have done everything correctly.The air must not fall into our capacity, otherwise everything will be ruined.

House wine

  • proceed to the last stage of a conversation about how to make wine at home.
  • About a week you watch the rapid fermentation.But since we have a delicious and high-quality wine, will not hurry up and wait 1-2 months.This time, the wine is at a temperature of 20-25 degrees, remember?The optimum temperature for fermentation.
  • After this time, it is necessary to give the wine to "rest" in a cool place even mesyatsok.At this time the wine will become clear, because the sediment goes to the bottom.
  • Now you have to pour the wine into bottles so as not to raise the deposit, for this use the hose.Spilled wine on the small bottles stoppered and stored at a temperature not exceeding 10 degrees.

Here's how to make wine at home.A delicious drink for the gala dinner or spicy additive in the preparation of delicious dishes!