How to store wine?

How to store wine?

Many readers of our site, practicing home wine making, we are often asked about how to store wine.We will try to elaborate on the principles of storage, which must be adhered to quality preservation of the drink without losing its properties.So:

Where to store wine

This is probably one the most common questions.It is clear that if there are two or three bottles bought in the store, you can easily manage and fridge.

And if you are a manufacturer of home-made wine, you can not do without the construction of special facilities.This building should protect your drink from the sources of light, heat and cold, vibration.In this room where you are going to store the wine should be maintained all year round constant temperature and humidity.If this can not be done, then they should at least, these figures do not experience sudden surges.

How to keep home-made wine

Remember that the room in which you will store homemade wine is not no odors should be present.It should not be stored any vegetables an

d fruits for the winter, salting and urinating.Wine is a living organism, and it can absorb any odor.You will be pleased to drink wine with the aroma and taste of rotten cabbage or potatoes?

If there is no possibility of construction of cellars for wine, take in the home or in commercial construction sites a closet, utility room, only for the storage of the drink.Do not take it anything else.Let this be a private room with whitewashed walls.

And of course, if you can afford it, and you are a true connoisseur and admirer of grape intoxicating drink, get a wardrobe for storing wine.This is a great option if you're a collector of fine wines.Such cases maintain a constant temperature and humidity, and do not give the blame to grow old too soon, or the more spoiled.

temperature.Temperature and again

temperature you can indefinitely store wine, if you keep the right temperature in the room where it is located.Unacceptable high temperature.They can kill the wine freshness and fineness of the bouquet, and, undoubtedly, it will accelerate the process of aging.A low temperature process of natural maturing and aging of the wine will go too slowly.Try to avoid sudden temperature changes.Such variations spoil tube and can fall therethrough of oxygen into the bottle.Dispersing the wine oxidation processes, you risk getting wine vinegar instead of a divine drink.

At what temperature to store wine

  • in your wine cellar is the ideal temperature is 10-15 degrees.
  • Serve white wine should be at rates of 9-12 degrees.
  • A red wines are served at the temperature of 15-17 degrees in performance.

Keep in mind that most capricious in terms of temperature - it is white and rosé wines.Try to keep them on the floor or close to it.There the temperature is lower.But red and sweet wines on the contrary, place on shelves higher.

Remember that in the cellars must be kept dark and must be maintained constant humidity of 70-80%, contributing to the constant moisture stoppers in bottles, barrels, jugs.And provide the blame rest without disturbing him once again.Only when all of these requirements, you budetepravilno store wine.

What store wine

Along with the question of how to store wine, this is one of the most common questions in the "wine" theme.

The ideal situation, of course, be glass containers.Suitable and crock, oak barrel (not suitable for all sorts of wine), or food grade plastic.The only general rule, be a good occlusion, for lack of contact with atmospheric oxygen.If store wine in corked bottles separate, then place them on the shelves in a horizontal position.

Well, uncorking the bottle, try not to stretch it for a few days.In fact, only a few hours can be kept open wine.Uncorked, it loses its flavor and changes the taste bouquet.