How to download from youtube (youtube. Com)?

How to download from youtube (

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How to download from youtube (youtube. Com)?

Hosting Youtube videos (youtube. Com) know all avid users of the Internet.This service is needed to view videos and posting on the Internet, created by people all over the world.Usually people are added to videos, browse and comment on them, but some insanely want to have your favorite videos on your computer, of course, only for your reference.Today we will talk about how to download videos from youtube.

How to download from youtube

Most of hosting users download videos from youtube without any software.There are many websites that can help you save videos from youtube directly to your computer in seconds.For example:

  • and others.

With their help, you can download videos from YouTube.I brought to you by one of them, in my view, very comfortable, try out personally ...

Service (ru. savefrom. net) is convenient because it makes it possible to receive a dir

ect link for download with about forty different sites, including a Yutuba.How to use and how to download videos from youtube?

  1. Open the video you want on YouTube.Copy the contents of the address bar (link).
  2. Open and paste the link to the video in the box where asked to specify the address of the file.
  3. Press enter.
  4. In the resulting window below under "Reference", select the desired format (FLV, FLV HQ, MP4) and click on it.
  5. Before you should pop up window where it should be noted the "save file" and click "OK".

also using, you can install the extension (ru savefrom net / user php # userjs...) - under "downloads from YouTube com.".After installing it on the site next to the YouTube video the roller will "download" button that allows the user to download on any computer in the video in the right quality.

How to download video from youtube using

program Other users prefer to download the host videos and clips using programs installed to your computer.For example, "ClipFinder" or "YouTube Downloader".How to download from youtube for free through the program?Good programs YouTube Downloader, which allows you to download videos from youtube, even as HQ and HD.It acts as the sites described above: copy the link, paste it into the program field, and click "OK".

Why then download the program, if the video is available for download from youtube, and without it, you ask.It so happens that the user can not save the video in the necessary format.And the program after downloading can also convert videos from YouTube into other formats.For example, iPOD, iPhone, Phone, PSP, Windows Media, XVid.And a man will be possible to pull a sound from mp3 video.