How to search for a song ?

How to search for a song ?

C advent of free access to the World Wide Web a variety of popular storage servers have become filled with every kind of data.And with the development of multimedia technologies began to appear server specializing in songs, music, movies and other entertainment content, which is as complete as possible on the number, but not always quality.And as since the beginning of the filling took a long time, the Internet has become a huge landfill, which is very difficult to find something useful.

Search music in

network Let's see how to search for a song, so that, by downloading the desired song, do not turn your computer into a hotbed of viral infection.Firstly, the search can be divided music downloading on-line and listening.It should be remembered that the music network - pirated copies of these albums and their storage and distribution provides for liability up to the criminal.And just in case, the responsibility for listening to pirated content lies with the owner of the service, not the listener

.The Web is full of sites where you can listen to favorite songs for free.For example, service Yandeks.Muzyka that contains discography popular artists in the public domain.Along with its convenient online search service has a "radio", which continuously reproduces the composition, according to users, similar to a given artist.But, unfortunately, not all modern groups and singers are "popular" category, and therefore many, many songs will not be found on "Yandeks.Muzyka".But do not despair, what is not to "Yandex", there exists in the social network "VKontakte".How to search for music there - will understand even the most inexperienced computer user.To get started you need to register there, but the process is simple and free.Now in the left menu "My record" can be specified search songs by artist, song title, or both of them at once.

Downloading music from the net

Services "Yandeks.Muzyka" and "VKontakte" provide an opportunity to listen to a song, but not download them.How to search for music downloads?Once again, it is necessary to know the right place.The site you can download an extension for your browser that allows to download music from the network "VKontakte".It is only a mouse cursor on a line in the list of songs and download icon appears.However, this is not entirely correct, and you are downloading music at your own risk.Also, a wide range of music and songs to download site offers is full of hype, but for a long time thanks to a rigorous system of moderation does not contain viruses.