What are the wines ?

What are the wines ?

All wines differ in the method of preparation, composition, taste, and nutritional value.Therefore, a single classification of wines in all countries does not exist.However, try to figure out what are the wine and which wine to choose according to their preferences.In the beginning, we note that the content of alcohol added all the wines can be divided into natural and fortified.As for natural wine, it is prepared solely from the fruit of the vine plants and do not add any substances used to produce wines of other categories.In the production of natural wine sugar contained in the grape berry, ferment until the end or specially nedobrozhennym left to give wine a special taste.According to the content of sugar all natural wines are divided into dry, semi-dry, sweet and semi-sweet.Fortified wines are the dry, dessert and liqueur.


wines At full fermentation of the juice obtained dry wines, characterized by their tenderness and lightness of taste.In addition, they are characterized by a small

and pleasant acidity.As a rule, in their title the name of the grape variety is present, which is used to make them: Rkatsiteli, Aligote, Sylvester, Riesling.For the preparation of this type of wine grape harvest is carried out when the sugar content of up to 18-20%.Thinking, what wine to choose, you need to take into account and the difference in color.So wine can be red, white or pink.This depends on the color of grape berries, and the manufacturing process.Dry red wine is different from white and also its varied bouquet and taste.These wines perfectly developed bouquet of grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet, Saperavi, and others.

wine production to the production of red wine grape harvest is carried out when it reaches 20-23% of its sugar content.This contributes to the accumulation of maximum amounts of aromatic and coloring substances.In this castle red wine higher than white, but much lower acidity.In addition, red wine have a large biologically active substances than white.In order to get a semi-sweet and semi-dry wines, fermented mash or wort did not follow through.He stopped using special techniques that allow you to save part sugar.Such wine is very harmonious and light enough.All this is achieved by a small content of the natural fermentation of alcohol.These wines are most popular.Very sweet wines go perfectly with desserts.That's why they are called "sweet."Fortified with alcohol dessert wines have a fairly high percentage of sugar - from 3 to 7%, and alcohol - from 16 to 22%.But light dessert wines contain more sugar, but a lower percentage of alcohol - from 10 to 16%.

classification categories and

wines deciding which wine to buy, you need to remember and about the quality of its category.Since wines are divided into dining, collectible and vintage.Table wines are meant for dinner.They are usually served with various dishes.The vintage wine plays an important role not only grape that was used for its production, but also where the grapes grow, and where the wine was spilled, and in what way cooked.All of these features provide the quality of the beverage.Cooked from the different varieties of wine grapes, called blending.They are characterized by low castle, only 9-12 degrees.Excellent results can be achieved by proper selection of the components included in the blend.

European classification of wines

Considering what are the wine, it is necessary to pay special attention to the European classification.In it, there are two categories of wine - table and quality, produced in any particular region.In the French classification for four of these categories.The first category - table wines, the second - the land of wine, or local wines produced in certain wine-growing region.The third category - top-quality branded wine, wines, attached to a small region.And the fourth category, the elite - controlled wine names of origin.Wines of the most expensive category, each wine is produced in a certain place strictly from grapes grown on a vineyard, and sometimes even a strictly defined part of the vineyard.It should be noted that if the title contains the word "Crew", then this means that the grapes were grown at historically better plot than the surrounding areas.

Sparkling wines

Consider also, what are the wines from this category on the sugar content.Total of six categories:

  • extra-brut, the sugar content of up to 6 g / l;
  • Brut, the sugar content of up to 15g / l;
  • driest content 12-20g / l sugar;
  • dry content of 17-35g / l sugar;
  • moist content 33-55g / l sugar;
  • sweet, the sugar content of more than 50 g / l.

Produced in France, the best sparkling wine called Champagne.

Now you know what are the wines.Going to the supermarket is very difficult not to get lost in a huge range of drinks.Now it will be easy to choose a bottle of wine, depending on the occasion, environment and taste preferences.If you want to take a drink for dinner - certainly suitable light table.And for special occasions choose the best vintage mount.By the fruit usually take semi-sweet or dry wine, with fish and meat - dry.Good luck to you in choosing a drink!