The snack wine?

The snack wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage strength of 9 to 16% by volume.Fortified wine can also be from 16 to 22% by volume.The wine is obtained by partial or complete fermentation of grape juice.Because a lot of grapes, and the different wines, too many (white, red, pink, dry semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet).

Snacks for wine tasting

Experts say that wine should drink without snacks, but it concerns more than fine wines with a good exposure, which can be poured into a glass and taste the whole evening.But if you drink wine with a slight delay, it is necessary to understand what wine to have a snack.

appetizer to red wine

to red wine ideal variety of fruits, cheeses, and even white bread.These products are well suited to any brand of red wine.It is worth noting that they are well in tune with the dry, semi-sweet, sweet red wines.The most important thing - a snack should emphasize the taste of wine, but not mute it.

refined wines do not need sophisticated snacks, and now a simple red wines are better suited

to receive basic food, and here the wine complements the main course.We must remember that there is no red wine will not be combined with nuts, mint, curry, chocolate and citrus, as well as dishes containing vinegar (including Apple).Perfectly suited for red wine, appetizers, game and meat (in this case, with the exception of a boiled chicken).

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appetizer with white wine

Considerable interest is the appetizer for the white wine.It can be varied.Mainly white wine blends well with seafood (shrimp, fish, mussels, caviar), as well as different types of cheese, meat delicacies, and even some desserts.Do not combine the white wine with bread, spicy sauces, meat dishes.

types of wines and snacks

  • moist and semisweet table wines look great on the background with snacks cauliflower, delicious artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms, as well as all sorts of rolls of meat products.
  • Pink semisweet wine perfectly combined with cool and cold cuts of meats, cheeses and desserts acute varieties.A wine with a strength of up to 12 degrees is good appetite and play perfect for soups, red meat, as well as lamb and pork kebab.
  • Natural sweet wine (something like nutmeg) suitable for coffee, ice cream, cookies and various fruits, except citrus.
  • famous "Soviet champagne" comes to oysters, mussels, a variety of seafood and white meat.It is worth noting that these drinks mainly open event, so they either do not snack or fruit snack, light sandwiches or cold meats.

Snacks for wine can be extremely varied, ranging from sandwiches with butter and caviar, and to ready the main dishes of turkey or even a barbecue.However, we must remember that food must not interrupt the taste of wine.The better the quality of alcoholic beverage, the easier and less should be an appetizer.

If you are unsure what an appetizer is best suited to your chosen beverage, it is necessary to remember that the most versatile choices are fruits, variety of cheeses and cold cuts.

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