How to save videos from youtube ?

How to save videos from youtube ?

Youtube - one of the most popular video sharing.Submit a video on it easily can be anyone.But how to save video from YouTube, known not to everyone.Below we offer you a series of recommendations that will help to cope with this task.

forwarding and online services

One most popular and sought ways to download videos from youtube.To do this, we need to do the following:

  • Open the YouTube page with the desired video.
  • In the address bar just after the «. Http: // www» insert two letters s (http: // www ssyoutube ....) And click the button "Inter" - we will be redirected to the online service, which will save the video to your computer.
  • find the item "download link" and choose a file format that is available for download.
  • In the window that opens, select the item "save file" button and click «ok».

Another service that allows you to save video to your computer - it KeepVid.Go to the website, paste the link to the video, posted on YouTube, and download the video to one of the prop

osed formats.

installation of special programs and modules

How to save videos from youtube using the installed software and plug-ins?The same service offers a set assistant.This program will allow to easily download videos not only from YouTube, but also from sites like Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki.

After installing the program in your browser window icon appears in the form of a green arrow, clicking on which you will be able to download video and audio files as well as images in one click.

program to download video VDownloader (Vdaunloader).Its big advantage is that the program can independently find links to video, and convert the downloaded files in the formats mpeg and avi.This program will find links to preview the video in the clipboard.You need only select the address and click "download".After installation, you can save videos by typing in its window (line «video url») address of the video and clicking «Download» button.

for users of the popular FireFox browser and Google Chrome has the ability to install modules (extensions, widgets).After they are installed in the browser window appears a button that allows you to save videos from youtube.

For Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla), a collection of plug-ins:. Easy YouTube Video, Downloader, DownloadHelper, 1-Click YouTube Video Download, Download YouTube Videos as MP4, etc. You go in the collection, click next to the selected widget button «Add to Firefox» andYou install the extension.

For Google Chrome, too, is an extension of YouTube Video Downloader.Its only drawback - save video to flv format.

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