What serves to blame ?

What serves to blame ?

Wine - a product with a long history.Archaeologists artifacts were found, indicating the existence of wine-making in the V millennium. BC.e.During this long period of time it has developed a culture of wine consumption.Terms of wine etiquette provides temperature and beverage delivery time, the shape of glasses, a combination of wines with the dishes.So it serves to blame and how to do it?

What are the wines

Depending on the color of wine grapes can be red, white and pink.And on purpose - dining room (served during the meal) and dessert (with dessert).In the fortress of wine are divided into natural (9-16% vol.) And the Fortified (16-22% vol.) - On the content of alcohol and sugar.

Table wines are divided into dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet.A fortified - at strong sweet poludesertnye, dessert and liqueur.There are indispensable companions holidays - Sparkling guilt, saturated with carbon dioxide (champagne).

Wine Etiquette

Wine Etiquette is a wine supply rules, serving, combining wine and food

.This is not a simple set of strict canons.Following etiquette helps to better reveal the wine bouquet and fully enjoy them.How to serve wine?

great importance is the temperature of the beverage.Champagne (contrary to popular belief) not cooled too much, enough to 7. The temperature of dessert wines should be room.

Recommended white table wines to cool before serving to 10-12, and opened before use.Red wine open for half an hour, the temperature 14-16.

glasses of wine for light use high, with a long stalk.For fortified wines - low tapering upwards glasses.Dessert and liqueur wines are served in a glass conical shape, sparkling - high wine glasses.

Wine and food

basic rule - the wine must emphasize the taste of a dish, and the food must not overlap the aroma and flavor of wine.

is not advisable for one meal feeding many kinds of drinks.You should start with light or sparkling wine, suitable for appetizers.With hot and cold combination of stronger wines and desserts are served dessert and liqueur.

Golden Rule - to combine simple and complex flavors.So, the simple ordinary wines perfectly complement the sophisticated multi-dishes.Simple as the food will be much tastier wine, having a multi-faceted bouquet.

Light dry wine with sweet dishes seem to be sour, but in harmony with sharp.There are products that do not fit well with the wines (spices, meats, pickles and pickled and with a high content of vinegar).

White wine

What are served with white wine?To the dining room suitable snacks, mild cheeses, salads with mayonnaise.Although it is believed that the first courses combined with bad wine, but light vegetable and fish soups such wine is fine.

White wine is the perfect duo with all seafood:. Caviar, shrimp, oysters, etc. Accordingly, there should be no problem and what wine is served with fish.

If earlier it was believed that white wine should be used only with a bird, now it is allowed him to feed and light meat dishes.

addition, white wines (and dry, and fortified) consumed as an aperitif before a meal.Desserts can be combined with white and pink sweet wine.

Red wine

Why red wine is served?It is remarkable harmony with all meat dishes.But especially with having a rich taste, - with lamb, pork, pilaf, shish kebab, game.Good fit and saturated fatty soups, pates, cheeses.

What serves to red wine yet?Almost all roasted or grilled dishes (and meat, and vegetable), Italian dishes (spaghetti, lasagna), Spanish (paella) and Mexican cuisine.

taste of many fruits and berries are well set off the red and rosé wines.

acquainted with wine etiquette, do not be afraid to experiment, combining different flavors.