How to draw Priora ?

How to draw Priora ?

Lada Priora belongs to the family of domestic passenger car manufacturer is OJSC "AvtoVAZ".In April 2007, it started selling this model.A little later began to produce this model hatchback.And in 2009 it began the production of this model in the modification station wagon.

It is planned to change the appearance of the front bumper, will be replaced by outside mirrors with side turn indicators and additional options added.Just recently we started to produce this model with automatic transmission.

addition on the basis of the Lada Priora is planned to create electric vehicles, which will soon appear in a small amount.Lada Priora makes it clear to the consumer that domestic cars can be a presentable appearance, as well as foreign cars.

Step by step instructions.How to draw Priora:

  1. To get started is to carry a clear sample of this model, with which we will rubbings.
  2. Now we draw the frame of our picture.First, draw the basic outline, and then perform vertical, inclined and horizontal lines, build
    ing on our visual image.
  3. then attach the hood shape, draw a line along the top of the side windows and draw the wheel arches.After that draws the bottom of the front bumper.
  4. now draws the side windows, side mirrors, windshield and headlights.Now you need to draw the "muzzle" of our Priore.
  5. Next you need to draw the shape of the visible us the wheels.Then dorisovyvat rearview mirror, has the right, side skirt trim on the front bumper, and a line of the side doors.
  6. Now we need to refine our cars, draws the headlights, wheels, handles, windshield wipers and other trifles.Like all such items will be drawn, you can delete the extra line, which we spent at the drawing frame.
  7. Well, here is the Lada Priora is ready and now you know how to draw a Lada Priora.

But there is another option Priory drawing pencil.It is not as detailed, but clear and accessible.Let's look at his:

  • To begin draw the machine frame and the front wheel.
  • then dorisovyvat rear wheels, headlights and other minor details such as the rear-view window, the line of doors, handles and so on.
  • Outlines machine more thick line.
  • Apply shadow and on-site rooms write Lada Priora.

These are two easy ways to help you learn how to draw a pencil Priora.Now you can own to try to draw the model of domestic car and, most likely, you have it turn out well.