How to Make Cuff ?

How to Make Cuff ?

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How to Make Cuff?

In the world of many different pieces of jewelry that allows us to focus the attention of others to a particular part of our body.This article will be devoted to this decoration as Kaffa on the ears, namely the question of how to make Cuff.

Kaffa - what is it?

Cuff (or Kaffa) - an ornament for the ears, not only the lobe, but the entire ear.It also allows you to decorate the neck, hair, or temple.In addition, these ornaments have a special attachment that allows you to wear them even to those people who have no punctures.

Before we tell you how to do Kaffa, told about the need to create decorations with their own hands.

What will it take to make Cuff

For a start it is worth noting that to do Kaffa on the ears with your hands can be like from start to finish, and using blanks purchased in specialty stores.

If you bought the workpiece, it is very simple: you just have to decorate the base and Cuff ready.Otherwise, you will need a complete set

of tools:

  • wire (depending on the complexity of Kaffa different thickness), cardboard and other materials that can be used as a basis.
  • tools (pliers, pliers, side cutters, a ruler).
  • Jewellery depending on your preference (beads, chains, rhinestones, floss, pens, etc.)

How to make your own hands Kaffa

Option 1

One of the easiest options for the manufacture of Kaffa - is to take the cardboard, cut outfrom his foundation, which will be worn behind the ear, and put on her designs using rhinestones and glue.

Option 2

Cuff wire will be harder to do.Consider technology izgolovleniya detail on the example of Kaffa in the middle ear.

  • Take the wire 1 mm (can be thinner: the thinner the wire, the easier it is to bend it), cut a length of 7 cm (depending on what you do curls).
  • Bend the wire twice, so that the free ends crossed in the middle segment of the resulting base (2-3 cm).
  • free ends of the wrap around the base - it will mount.With
  • pliers twirl curls in the free ends, or any desired shape.
  • basis Fold the loop (but not stifle until the end) using pliers - it will mount.

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