How to draw a peacock ?

How to draw a peacock ?

Peacock - one of the most beautiful and mysterious animals on the planet.Therefore it is not surprising that so often the figures which reflect the world Rye, paint it a peacock.At first glance it looks simple enough, as most of the drawing will take feathered peacock feathers.But, despite this, there are difficulties in their plotting.In this article, we will present information on how to draw a peacock in stages that will greatly facilitate the task.

Drawing peacock pencil

Here we present the steps of how to draw a peacock pencil, because in any case, if you are not a professional artist, then immediately paint or other materials to draw the animal will not work.But prorisovyvaya pencil, you can correct any errors that occurred, and after the paint colors with confidence.


  • To begin the initial draw lines, ie, a small circle that would later become head of him omit the curved line of the neck to the body in the form of curved on one side of the oval.From the trunk holding two f
    eet down the line, and curved lines in part, from which make the top two lines of the peacock in the form of a rainbow.
  • Now draw a wing adjacent to the torso and two layers of feathers rear trunk, some of them are very young, others - oblong.Just do neck volume, spending another curved line parallel.
  • At this stage, we draw the details of the head, and it draws the eyes, beak and three curl on his head.And do another layer of elongated feathers.Note that all the layers of feathers must be staggered.
  • you do another layer of elongated feathers, which is already completely will close our rainbow drawn initially.Just do leg volume, dorisovyvaya parallel lines and connecting them with the existing ones.
  • Now do feathers, which are called "eyes".To do this, hold the body of the existing line between feathers and do a so-called "tear" from which once again hold the line and do "tear".Then erase all the initial line and paint the animal.

Now you know how to draw a peacock, without any - any obstacles.Exactly following the instructions provided above, you will not make the slightest mistake in your drawing.

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