How to draw an ear ?

How to draw an ear ?

start drawing a portrait, we pay huge attention to the eyes, lips, eyebrows and almost do not think about the ears.It seems that some simple form: the pinna and the lobe.This is the main and most blunder.Soon you will understand how to draw the ears correctly.

brief!There ear many twists, this is why you need to pay special attention to the lines and shadows.On the contour of the ear resembles a half heart.Image shape of the ear must be precise and accurate.When drawing lines, try to avoid their confusion and angularity.To make the volume of the ear using shading.Next, select the main line via the thickness and brightness.At the end of the dirt and remove all unnecessary.This is a generalized schematic drawing of the ear, now look at the issue in more detail.

Draw ear step by step

Now we look at how to draw the right ear.To begin with remember: drawing ear consists of the outer edge of the image, the ear and the hole that leads to the eardrum.

  • Let's get started.Drawing the axis with the propo
    rtions, this takes into account that the height of the ear twice the width.The upper edge of the ear is near the lower angle of the eyebrows.
  • marks the point in the middle of it and carry out the arc.More from this arc, we will pursue the following circuits.The top line, which marks the edge of the ear, should not touch the circuit, and the interior is dipped into the ear.
  • now looms ear canal.To do this, draw a line of trestle.
  • This line represents the hole in the ear.
  • The final three lines indicate the contours of cartilage.Draw two large at the top and one on the lobe.At this stage, the construction ends.Now we need to shade reliefs, it will give a realistic figure.
  • in the middle ear, where the ear canal is applied a dark bar.
  • continue to work on the upper part of the ear.Some sites and contours make convex, it uses light shade, and some - concave using dark shading.
  • Finally draws the bottom.

C using the eraser remove the "stains" and unnecessary items.The main line was isolated, working on strokes.That's all we drew the ear!