How to draw a figure ?

How to draw a figure ?

If you are going to draw the human figure from life, the pre-human worth exploring on all four sides.Particular attention should be paid to the fact, what is its shape.It is just before the introduction by the drawing process you will greatly benefit.Also, before you draw a shape on the clean copy, it is possible to make some preliminary sketches.So, let's look at how to draw the human figure.

begin to depict a man with the front position, that is, we need to draw the shape in advance on all four sides, and only then proceed to the image of the front of the bulk.We fix the paper vertically and try to arrange it so that it was convenient to draw master.

drawing procedure

piece is the image you need to determine the line of the center of gravity.Very often, it is within the cavity of the jugular and the seventh cervical vertebra.If we draw a shape in the front, the line will be at the jugular fossa, and if the back, then the cervical vertebra.Now we need to note the upper part of the crown, the l

evel of the pubic joint and base of the foot.Just adding them can proceed to the construction of the foundations of the human figure.

When you draw, it is important to bear in mind that the human figure is made up of two parts: the pelvis and shoulder girdle.If one relies on only one leg, then their relative positions will be slightly different.After the second leg relaxes the pelvis loses the support function and takes a little oblique position, while holding the supporting leg slightly to the side.That is why the entire body slightly moves in the opposite direction with respect to the center of gravity.Taz in the figure will be in the one side, and chest - in the other.It is very important that the body itself has taken a position of equilibrium.In this case sledok supporting leg will be located at the center of gravity line.

Draw the right main line

most important task in the construction of the human figure is the placement of the figures in the plane so that it was stable as possible.Just for that invented a special line of the plumb.Draw it and then move away a little to the side to see if it is perpendicular to the plane on which stands a man.plumb line and the line of the center of gravity - the two main lines that will help someone who does not know how to draw the figure.

next line - a line of body bending.Depending on whether a person is what position it will vary considerably.Begin to paint it follows from the jugular depression, and then move to the pubis.It should cover the entire piece, the so-called body contour.It is this line of responsibility for who you are drawing, man or woman.

Thus, after we draw the outline of a human figure, you can begin to image the smallest detail.You can start to pick out facial features.Pre-define the visual layout of the mouth, nose and eyes, and try to arrange them evenly.Remember that each person has a distance between the mouth and the eyes individually.

Errors image of a human figure

Now let's look at what the most common mistakes can be tolerated, without knowing how to draw human figures.

First of all - this is a misnomer Sledkov supporting leg, if support is only on one side.Second mistake - this is the location of the support leg away from the perpendicular.The third - the image of the figure more points of support, which is not in reality.See such a figure would be extremely ridiculous and not realistic.

If we draw the head and figure in a static position, that is, relying on two legs, the plumb line should pass through the symmetry axis of the body along the navel through the pubis.Parallel to each other should be the line of the pelvis and shoulder.For this reason all parts of the body are in equilibrium.

If you draw the human figure, which is supported on one leg, then you need to correctly calculate the slopes of the shoulder girdle and pelvis in space.It is desirable to do it intelligently, understanding how the shape will move in space in the future.If you know it, you will be able to accurately determine the size of the necessary parts of the body in relation to each other and to the body as a whole.This is a fundamental point when we draw the head and the human figure.Also, when we measure the proportion, you need to pay attention to the fact that the exact proportions do not have a single person today.Each of us has a variation in the structure of the figure, someone they are smaller, and someone more.It is strictly taken into account when drawing.

determines the proportions by means of full-scale scale, namely pencil notes at arm's length the height of the figure, as well as parts of it in a state in which they will be seen later.You also need to rely on your own good eye, he never fails.

Image shaped figure

In the process of drawing the figure, simultaneously watch and the general nature of the shape of the model.Many beginners do not even try to define the shape of the model, and immediately begin to carry on a sheet of paper visible outlines of shapes.In this case, the figure will look flat, to add volume to her will have to sweat.The form must be an integral part of the space, so it is necessary to represent the bulk.Thus, to get it right, it is necessary in the process of drawing represent that you are making a figure out of clay.

After drawing the human figure and giving it the necessary shape, you can start adding colors, shadows and mid-tones.It is this process and "revives" our figure, it begins to look more realistic.

To draw a beautiful human figure, you'll need a great experience, so if you do the first time something does not work, do not worry.When we draw a human figure head and, more importantly to understand how arranged proportions for us, as well as whether the body symmetrically.