How to tune your guitar ?

How to tune your guitar ?

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How to tune a guitar?

Customize guitar sound in several ways: by ear, using the tuner hardware or special software programs that are available on the Internet.In the paper, all these methods are described in detail.

If you are just starting to learn to play the guitar and do not know what to call her part, could before setting you be useful for you to read our article What is the guitar.

How to tune your guitar manually

string guitar with the standard tuning sound so

  • first (thinnest) - note thereof;
  • second - Note B;
  • third - note salt;
  • fourth - note pe;
  • fifth - note in A;
  • sixth - mi.

Such notes are played nezazhatye strings.Tuning the guitar by ear, you will need to pinch each string at the fifth fret, with frets numbering starts from the headstock, where are located the wing bolts for tension of the strings.

So start setting

  1. Sandwiched on the fifth fret of the first string produces a note middle.It is configured using a tuning fork or other
    well-sounding instrument.If you do not have anything suitable, it helps landline telephone.Pick up the phone, dial tone is the sound with a frequency of about 415 Hz, the same frequency of the sound from the first string, sandwiched on the fourth fret.
  2. Tighten or loosen the string so that it sounded a hair's breadth, as whistle.If done correctly, it will merge two sounds (will sound in unison).If not, try to tighten the string on adjacent frets.If the sound is on the reference merges with the sound of the strings on the fret of the sixth, tighten it a bit more if the fourth - slightly loosen.Get unison while holding the fifth fret.This setting is exemplary, but, in principle, allows you to remember, as the first string should sound.
  3. second string adjusted relative to the first: squeezed on the fifth fret it should sound in unison with the open (nezazhatoy) of the first string.Tighten or loosen it up until you hear the harmony.
  4. third string is configured as follows: clamped on the fourth fret it sounds in unison with the opening of a second.
  5. remaining strings are tuned with respect to the previous ones, as the second string on the fifth fret.

Gradually you learn to tune the instrument for a few minutes.Once familiar with the technology, the guitar tuning by ear is possible in our article How to manually configure the guitar.

How to tune your guitar using a hardware tuner

hardware tuner is a special device that determines the frequency of the sound and gives the name of the note, which it corresponds.This device will tell you so deviates from the desired sound frequency you.

adjustment is made much easier

  1. Turn on the unit and play the open first string.
  2. Look at the results of the measurement device.
  3. Tighten or loosen the string until the sound will not match the note mi.
  4. Repeat for all other strings.

Of course, this option is much easier, but it requires special equipment.

How to tune your guitar using

computer settings using the computer program is of two kinds: first acts much like setting manually, the second - as a hardware tuner.

first option

  1. download a special program to play the right guitar sound, for example, from this page.
  2. Turn it.From speakers you'll hear the sound of the first guitar string.Stretch the string as long as the sound coming from the computer will not sound in unison with the open string.
  3. Turn on the sound of the second string and repeat the procedure.

Gradually Naladte guitar sound.The advantage of this method is that there is no need to connect the instrument to a computer, or use the microphone for an acoustic guitar.

second option

There are programs for the online setting.

  1. Connect the instrument to a PC or move closer the microphone.
  2. Pull the first string, the note will be displayed on the screen, you have played.
  3. Adjust the sound until you see the note mi.

And so on for all other strings.

Upon completion of all actions keep the guitar strings in a horizontal position up, move in a special carrying case, then it will be less likely to need re-setting.

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