How to pull the strings on the guitar ?

How to pull the strings on the guitar ?

real guitar skills evaluated not only high-quality playback of melodies, but also the ability to monitor them, and maintain your instrument.Our article will help novice musicians and tell you how to change the strings on a guitar.

Removing the old strings

replacement procedure involves the removal of the old and installation of new strings.Remove them in several ways.For example, immediately loosen all the old strings and remove them one by one.This allows you to distribute the load evenly over the bar.You can change one by one, first take off the old string, and in its place a new set, and so the first to sixth.

nylon or metal

classical guitar has a horizontal layout tuning machine and horizontal holes in the stand (bracket-tailpiece).This guitar is intended mainly for the nylon string.Metal is rarely set to classical guitar, as it requires structural reinforcement, or damage can not be avoided.However, the material does not significantly affect how to pull the strings on a guitar, just to b

e small especially when fixing in the tailpiece.

strings Location on chopping guitar

convenient to work with the tool when it is on a flat surface, building decks, and neck is slightly raised.For the work you will need a set of strings and guitar.The position of strings and mount them on the chopping following.In the right lane: near peg occupies the first string, the middle - the second, a distant - third.The left lane: near - sixth, the middle - the fifth, the far - fourth.This allows seasoned strings do not interfere with the installation of others.

Installing nylon strings in the stand

offer the following recommendations on how to change the strings on a guitar.We start with a string fastening on a support (thin plate on the guitar body - tailpiece).Nylon string has no special liner, as a metal, so fix it on a stand, you must use the node.

assembly formed is simple - you need to push the string into the hole, are wrapped tail with all the basics and hand threaded in a loop.In this procedure, there is little secrets.The first and second string must be secured more reliably as strings are thin and slippery.To do this, at the end of the string must be a knot that the formation of the loop will be wedged on the extreme edge of the guitar stand.

Attaching strings on chopping

sequence string installation splitting is not critical.For convenience, start with the first to sixth.The main thing is to observe the layout of strings to chopping.String keep under tension to a knot on a stand is not weakened.It is threaded into the shaft hole chopping and the free end is wrapped around himself.Next, begin to twist and wind the string splitting.It should be wound onto the shaft together with its tail.Overlap the string itself and its tail secures it to the shaft.Enough 2 overlaps.

happened to a strong bias string, after fixing them on the chopping shaft, the direction of winding shall be as follows.The first and sixth string to the edges of the neck, the second, third, fourth and fifth neck to the middle.You should also make sure that the strings are wound not rested on the bar body.This is the correct replacement strings on a guitar.The remaining long tails better to remove the strings.

Having studied the algorithm of the process, how to put strings on a guitar, start to practice.All the key steps you need to spend with one string, and only then move on to the next one, otherwise it will get confused and you will lose time.

must carefully install each string on the stand and chopping.Hinges and winding should be dense and flavorful, it will contribute to the rapid process of the instrument settings.New strings first time will stretch, so the setup procedure will take place in stages.