How to learn quickly to play?

How to learn quickly to play?

Learning to play guitar is real, but the Cubs give up very quickly.The most common problem is the inability to properly organize the practice, so the interest in the development of the instrument disappears very quickly.In this article we'll show you how to quickly learn how to play the guitar and what to look at self-employment.

What do you expect from the training?

Before you get started, answer the question: "What for me - to learn to play the guitar?".This will help you in further studies.For some it is an opportunity to learn to play your favorite music, for others - to master the instrument thoroughly following the classical canons game.If you ask the first goal, the study did not take long.Independently you cope with this task.If the second - have patience and diligence and better ask for help from the teacher.

present to your attention a few simple tips that will lead you to your goal.

Play as much as possible

Practice - is the foundation of your training.There will be games for at le

ast half an hour a day, your training will come to naught.This is the main rule, if you want to quickly learn the basics of the instrument and learn to play simple compositions.At first it will be difficult: the fingers will ache as you do not escalate the corn.We recommend one or two lesson with the teacher: it will show the correct way to hold the instrument, hands, neck, pinching the strings, fingers tell about staging.You can restrict viewing of videos on YouTube, but it is likely that you did something wrong.This will further prevent the learning efficiency.You can at the very least ask another player to check and tell you the basics.

not delve into the theory

If your goal - to learn to play your favorite songs, many musicians are advised not to go into the theory.This may prevent the initial level game.You need to learn to know the location of chords and tablature reading.At this stage, this will suffice.

Train the muscles of the left hand

Buy expander train and brush for five minutes a day (no more, otherwise you can cause overvoltage).Complex chords such as Barre require physical effort.With trained hand you will be easier to practice them.


good guitar Select adequate model for beginners.Do not buy the cheapest guitar - you'll be deprived of the pleasures of employment for many reasons.The seller of musical instruments shop will help you choose the best option for you.If you are not confident in their abilities, the tool can be rented at a time.Music schools offer this service.

Learn chords alignment

chords can be played in ten different positions.This will help in the future freely learn a song or come up with something of their own.

And remember: practice - the basis of perfection of the game.Practice as much as possible.This is the only way to learn to play quickly.