How to learn to play the guitar from scratch?

How to learn to play the guitar from scratch?

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How to learn to play the guitar from scratch?

Probably many of us ever thought about how you can make at home to learn how to play the guitar.Learning to play the guitar - it's pretty simple, but at the same time a very laborious process that requires patience and attention.In this article we will cover the basics of the theory, which will help you to quickly learn how to play the guitar.

Key elements of guitar

list the basic concepts that will be needed when learning to play the guitar.

Ladas - it on the neck portions, which are separated by transverse partitions (nut) and numbered from Kolkova mechanism at the end of the neck (I, II, III, etc...).

Classical bass guitar has six strings, which are numbered from bottom to top with numbers from 1 to 6. The string "1" - very thin, and "6" is the thickest.

Before you pick up the guitar, you have to learn three things:

  • be able to keep the right hand relaxed and free;
  • to sit;
  • properly hold a guitar.

hand position and finger numbering

right hand, we extract the sound of the guitar.It is important that the hand was relaxed.Put your right hand on his knee and tug turn all fingers so that if you are playing on the strings.This exercise should be repeated a few times to feel the fingers of the hand are becoming more free and independent from each other in the movements.

left hand must when playing tightly cover the neck.Thumb with a slightly bent or straight, but in any case it must always be positioned parallel to the frets.Do not press the thumb of his left hand tightly to the neck, for because of this can hurt the muscle of the thumb.For the convenience of description of the game process, the guitar left hand fingers are numbered:

  • index - 1;
  • medium - 2;
  • nameless - 3;
  • pinky - 4.

first sound extract

For starters, take the first finger of his left hand the first string on the third fret, and the right thumb hook the string to remove the sound.Your goal -dobitsya calls and clear sound shade.To do this, you need to have first finger as close to the nut.

then repeat with the first finger on another string and fret to another and achieve pure sound.Practice so as long as the note is not clearly numbered frets, strings and fingers, and do not attach the ability to extract the voiced sounds.

During the game, sit straight, but not tense.Do not push yourself to the guitar much, so as not to distort the acoustic effect.

How can I learn to play the guitar from scratch

most important thing about playing the guitar - it is able to take the chords.To begin, consider one of the most common and simple chords - chord Am.For him, we will need to use the string 2, 3 and 4 fingers 1, 2 and 3, and I and II of the frets.

  1. finger 1 need to hold a string 2 on I fret;
  2. finger 2 stifle string 4 fret II;
  3. and fingers 3 also at the II chord fret stifle 3.

Once all the fingers are in their places, right arm slightly vzdernite strings and hear a sound out.When the sound came not ringing, try to place the fingers of his left hand closer to the nut, and the right hand holding the most relaxed.Once you achieve a voiced sound, you can try to explore other chords, which scheme can be seen yf Online

If you did not get to achieve the desired sound is likely to upset your guitar.Experienced guitarists can adjust it by ear, but for beginners musicians, there are special services that allow you to tune your guitar online.For example, are also electronic tuners, which can be bought at music stores.

to secure retrieval skills chord must be repeated the same chord up to the moment when you can not play it intuitively, that is, without considering the location of the fingers.

Further training

Once you learn how to extract the chords, you can start learning more complex things, such as strumming and guitar battle.Learn the basics of playing guitar on these methods, you can in the article How to play the guitar.

also to maximize the effectiveness of learning to play the guitar from scratch, you can use after learning chords tutoring services, or go on courses, to achieve true mastery.