How to draw a pencil portrait of stages ?

How to draw a pencil portrait of stages ?

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How to draw a pencil portrait of stages?

Portrait Drawing - a real art, to master that will not work in a single day.To portrait came good, you have to spend more than one sheet of paper.With due diligence and patience in the future it will be possible to please close their image on paper.

How to draw a portrait?

  1. Portrait Drawing start with an oval head and marking the main parts of the face.It is important to carry out the first contours, or rather the right, proportional shape of the face.Strongly press on the pen is not necessary, all of a sudden the line does not turn out right the first time and have to start again.
  2. Make markup spending in the middle of the oval horizontal straight line.Just below need another, parallel to the first.At this level will be in the eye.
  3. From the middle of the second line is necessary to carry out perpendicular to the chin.
  4. on perpendicular line note nose about in the middle, draw the ears of the markup to eye level.

In pencil portrait drawing technique for beginners, these activities occupy an important place.They allow you to comply with all the proportions and make it easier to work on the facial features.

How to Draw a portrait of a man with a pencil: the eyes

  1. After the necessary sketches can start drawing one of the most difficult parts - eyes.
  2. Draw two ovals, after noting the inner and the outer corner of each eye, and their upper and lower bounds.
  3. Let pupils.The expressive eyes, the more plausible portrait.To achieve similarity to a real person, you must be aware that pupils must be flashing.Eye protein is not completely white, its color changes from how falls the shadow of the century.
  4. It should also be borne in mind that the shape of the eye - is a sphere, and leaning on it, to represent the eyelids.

If you want to draw a portrait of a girl with a pencil, in the frame of the eye require long fluffy eyelashes and eyebrows.They should be placed on the upper horizontal line.

How to draw a portrait of a man in stages: the nose and mouth

  1. When the eyes are ready, it's time to draw breath.The tip denote tick, on each side draw two arcs.
  2. From right eyebrow holding a thin line along the nose.In the image of this important part of the face is less sharp lines, more play of light and shadow.The darkest band around the base of the nostrils, tip of the nose - a bright part.
  3. When drawing the lips must be remembered that the upper lip should be slightly thinner bottom.In the center of the upper lip as if nadlomlyaem.To make your mouth volume, use opacities corners and lip contours.I mean to make light.

you have learned a way of learning how to draw a pencil portrait of stages.It remains only to draw hair, apply on face shadows, making features expressive, to finish the neck.The extra line must be removed.

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