How to connect a guitar ?

How to connect a guitar ?

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How to connect a guitar?

Connect your guitar to the computer, you need to if you want to write a composition on the PC or do sound processing.To do this, you need instrument cable with connectors "Jack" and adapter for «mini-jack" of 3.5 mm.Consider how to connect a guitar to the computer with them.

Connect guitar to the PC:

instructions for connecting the guitar is better to have a good computer with a sound card and a discrete - time recording, by using it, they will have a good quality.The very same process of connecting to a PC tool consists of these steps:

  1. Connect one end of the guitar instrument cable into the appropriate slot.It is usually located in the bottom right tool.
  2. On the other end of the cable lock previously prepared adapter for mini-jack.Its front panel to connect your PC to the audio jack.If it is not there, then connect the cable to the connector for a microphone Mic In (pink is the color) on the rear panel of the system unit.Also,
    you can connect it to the Line In line input (is blue), but note that if the guitar will sound muffled, but then it will be possible to adjust the shade if necessary.
  3. If you successfully connect the guitar on your PC screen, a window will appear where it will be written that the system has found new hardware.You need to click on the "OK" button.
  4. now in this window, go to the tab called «Mic in at rear panel».It will expose the desired volume level for the instrument, do not forget to include it in this case.If the sound is not enough for you, then you can increase it by pressing "Mic Boost."There will need to adjust the volume in decibels.

Installing software and drivers

Once you manage to connect the guitar and perform basic setup, you will hear the "raw" sound from your speakers.To make it as close as possible to "live", need to download the program (Guitar Rig 5 and ASIO drivers All of this is set in the normal mode on the PC Next, you need to do the following:..

  1. Run Guitar Rig 5, after which you have a window will appearwhere you can carry out the audio settings. you need to click on the Audio tab.
  2. contrary to paragraph «Drive», set «ASIO».
  3. Near «Device» line, choose among the options presented in the drop down menu to «ASIO4ALL v2».
  4. contrary to paragraph«Status», set the «Running».
  5. Near line «Sample Rate» will need to select "44100».
  6. now in the same window click on the button «ASIO Config», after that will be installed driver settings tab. theyneed to include a linear output and input, then there will be a clean sound. To do this, you need to select items «Realtek HD audio output» and «line in at rear».
  7. Then pay attention to the left side of the setup window.In it, you can select different effects to the original guitar sound to your liking.


In the first method was proposed to connect a guitar without any additional equipment.But this is also possible by means of special devices, such as preamp or direct box.Guitar in them is connected via a cable to a special connector.By computer direct box or preamp is connected using a special wire walking with him in the kit.He is set to line input cards.It is important to bear in mind that you still need to install the ASIO driver as soon as it will be possible to achieve the highest quality sound and special effects used to create compositions.

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