How to make the helmet of Iron Man ?

How to make the helmet of Iron Man ?

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How to make the helmet of Iron Man?

According to comic books and movies, Iron Man's helmet had a huge number of features that allow the common man to see in the dark and analyze the situation with the built-in computer.To make a paper model of the helmet fun, provide its LED lights, they will mask the eyes glow in the dark.For a start it is recommended to prepare all the necessary materials, and then begin to create a helmet.

Materials and tools

  • 17 dense sheets of A4;
  • PC and printer;
  • polyester resin;
  • glass;
  • transparent plastic cup;
  • thin plate or foil;
  • 6 LED blue or white;
  • 2 batteries at 1,5V;
  • battery holder with the relay switch;
  • electrical tape.


  • soldering;
  • instant glue;
  • spray paint red and golden hues;
  • nail car;
  • respirator;
  • fingertips or rubber gloves;
  • sandpaper;
  • building adhesive tape;
  • scissors, paper cutter.

Making helmet iron man

to create a helmet, you will need to print on sheets of cardboard helmet of the future.Download sc

an on a scale of 1: 1, you can here.

process of making helmet

  1. Cut out all the parts of the helmet.Put on gloves and glue the parts instantaneous adhesive.The connections marked with the same numbers.The front part of the helmet will go up, so it does not need to be glued.Included are also triangular struts, they are mounted inside the helmet, and then removed before putting on.
  2. Reinforce paper model using resin and glass fiber.We'll have to put three layers: inside - resin from the outside - resin and glass fiber.After complete drying, place another layer of resin on the outside.Each layer is required to polish the sandpaper.Warning: When working with tar or paint is recommended to wear a respirator, as the evaporation harmful to health.
  3. Begin to paint.Almost the entire surface of the helmet of Iron Man is red, only the front part of the flap - golden.Those parts that you go to protect from paint, cover the construction tape.Once the paint has dried, coat the model varnish.Be sure to paint the inside of the model, in addition to the aesthetic side is also important to protect your airway from vapor polyester resins.
  4. Hollow necessary to seal the plastic inserts that are cut out from the cup.
  5. remains to prepare the LEDs.Foil or tin (you can take a jar of beer) is cut out detail in the form of glasses without handles.To her tape evenly mounted LED light bulb.Wires bulbs connected to the battery holder.Be sure to walk around with tape across the surface of the wires, especially in the joints.
  6. Pin "points" to the inside of the model, the holder of the set in the jaw, and set the radio button so that you can push it by wearing a helmet.The foil will serve as a reflector, and you'll be great to see the surrounding objects, even with the included bulbs.

work is finished, you can remove the braces and wear a helmet.