How to connect an electric guitar to a PC ?

How to connect an electric guitar to a PC ?

electric guitar from the usual acoustic guitar distinguished by the presence of the pickup, and apparently they are pretty dramatically different.With pickups, string vibration is converted into an electric current.Make an electric guitar made of wood.For this fit maple, alder, ash.In order to create the neck using ebony, maple, rosewood.

There are times when you need to connect two or more units together.So is the electric connection to the computer.Regardless of your goals, whether you want to set up a musical instrument through some program or to execute a fantastic solo, action will be the same.Let us examine in detail how to connect an electric guitar to a PC.

connection process


  • computer;
  • electric guitar and cord;
  • adapter from large to small jack.

In essence, there is nothing complicated about this process.We will need a cable from the guitar.It will connect an electric guitar to the computer.At the same time on the plug part of the system unit is necessary to put an adapter w

ith a large jack to a small.By this action you set the close contact between components.

For a man who has little experience in dealing with the technique, certainly raises a number of issues that confound.To make sure that you do not confuse anything, look closely at the system unit from the computer and make sure that the sound card has two holes - green and pink.Green out there in order to bring the audio information to an external device, headphones or speakers.And it becomes clear that connect an electric guitar here is clearly impossible.

Now look closely at the pink hole, it is next to the green.And serves to input audio information into the computer of the external devices - the microphones.That's where we need to connect the phone jack and cord.You will be prompted to help the desktop.She will understand that you have connected everything correctly.If you are fulfilled in accordance with the instructions, the electric guitar through the computer should work without problems.

Configuring and using

Now you have a real opportunity to listen to the sound of his instrument through the column.To do this, you need to switch the number of flags in the audio configuration system.But we would not advise to do so, because there is a risk that the sound card burn.After all, it is not designed for it.

You can record sound that removed with a tool.For this process, we invented a lot of different programs.For example, the "record" in the usual Windows operating system, or the Sony SoundForge editorial program, or FL Studio.Have you already decide for yourself what you prefer to take advantage of the available programs.