How to make an electric guitar ?

How to make an electric guitar ?

Produce a musical instrument with his own hands - it requires patience and the presence of certain materials.But, if you know how to make an electric guitar - material costs in this case will be much lower than when buying an electric guitar, for example, in a shop.Good tools can be purchased for little money, the alternative - an independent manufacturer of tools for the soul.matter of first importance -

Material Guitar

choice of material from which the guitar will be made.Not all woods are suitable for this purpose.It is better to opt for the pine.Why pine rather than oak, for example?In order to make a quality instrument with a fine sound of the oak, you will need to listen to and sort out a few hundred boards.It needs professional experience.In fact, how to make an electric guitar with his own hands - it is better not to use oak.

So, choose the board.You need to look as distributed fiber.The greater the symmetries, the better.Color boards should be as light as possible.From several samples

of pine boards, you need to take the lightest shade while the material properties will be fit for purpose.Board made of a dark colored wood core, and is not suitable for the manufacture of a musical instrument.The selected board need to listen.To this end, the surface of the fingers rattle and determine the quality of emitted sound.If you like the sound, so the material selected for the guitar.

further need the following tools:

  • hacksaw,
  • plane,
  • jigsaw manual,
  • scraper, jack-plane,
  • Phillips screwdriver,
  • large carpenter vise,
  • knives, pliers,
  • clippers, nail files,
  • electric,
  • airbrush compressor,
  • sander,
  • drill to drill for metal - 2, 3, 6, 9 mm, and wood - 12, 19, 22, 26 mm.

By jigsaws nail file must be attached with a wide blade for direct cutting and 4-mm narrow blade for shape cutting of wood.For the router need 2 straight cutter 12.7 mm and 6 mm.By lentoshlifovalnoy machine need for rough polishing tape (from P-36, P-40, P-80, P-100), as well as thin, cosmetic grinding (on P-100 or higher).Special features


If all you need is available, you can start to how to make an electric guitar from the existing material.Take stratovskuyu machine, in single neke, humbucker in the bridge.Grif is made of ash, with a bookmark anchor on the back side, and without lining.Begin to make the body of the guitar.An indispensable condition for making a good case - lack of the bonding surfaces of the two boards irregularities, burrs and knots.To achieve this, it is necessary to impose a single board to the other in a stack, tighten their vise and treat both the surface for bonding as one, using grinders or plane.the board is then pulled out of the rut, after carefully adjusting stick together.bonding process time consuming, but it is necessary to do everything carefully.

After drying glued boards need to draw a pencil outline - shape the future of guitar, this circuit will sawing jigsaw.It should be very precisely and accurately make a layout, consider all lines of the body bends to cut from the blank form was the more correct as possible.Then, using a ruler to make the markup neck.You can use a ready-made neck, then make the slot just enough for him.Important in the methods of how to make an electric guitar with your hands - it's that the size of the bar, its thickness, and other parameters you need to know before sawing the body.

If the neck is made independently, you need to take two planks of ash and one of the pines.This will be the head, which is half the slope of 16-18 degrees.After careful thought parameters is done counting, then cutting out and gluing.In order to achieve quality gluing, use a vise.

When dry preform neck, is the anchor rod.For this purpose, the threaded rod ends, washers and nuts.To make the groove under the rod, the router is used to set the guide, with slot cutter 6 or 8 mm.This need for greater smoothness.The preform for the markup jigsaw zauzhivayut to the nut.Next, you need to cut the head and drill holes for pegs.The head is attached to the neck and clamped a vise to dry.

last stage of work in how to make an electric guitar - hide the anchor rod.You need to prepare a homogeneous adhesive mass of sawdust and PVA and fill its groove with the rod, after checking the tightness of the nuts on the thread.All should be well dry.Next, use finishing varnishes.