How to read guitar tablature ?

How to read guitar tablature ?

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How to read guitar tablature?

theme in this article will focus on the tablature system, which is designed to, guitar players can communicate with each other in a common language.Notes in tablature is very convenient, intuitive, and it seems that not even need to write an article about it.However, we will write.So:

How to read guitar tablature?

Let's start from the beginning.What do we see when we look at tablature?Key elements (example tablature from the program Guitar Pro):

  • stave.Stave - a line drawn from one edge of the sheet to the other.If we talk about the guitar parts, then each strip - this string guitar.At the top - the first string (thinnest), and at the bottom - the sixth or seventh string (the thickest, respectively).
  • Sheet camp is divided into cycles.Depending on the size of a piece of music put trait that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.This vertical bar.
  • figures, which are combined in different durations of sounds.The number
    s indicate the right way, which is sounding a note.
  • Sometimes tablature notation added ways to extract audio.These methods, there are many.It makes no sense to describe them, because in order to learn how to read tablature, enough above listed items.To reproduce the sound extraction methods, it is necessary, first of all, learn how to play.

Here are the key elements that we can see, and that will help us to read tablature for guitar.How do we understand what to play?Everything is very simple.The figure - a desired fashion.Suppose written figure 3. Our first step in finding the notes - a search fret.If tablature 3, then we need a third way.On the third fret, as a rule, on many guitars is a mark in the form of points.Assume that mode is found.Excellent.We look at tablature again and think on what the account string is number three.We see that it is located on the string number 3 (this is the third from the top).So we have found the right note.It left her to play.Accordingly, we stifle the third string on the third fret and try to extract the audio.I think you handled.If not, re-read the instructions again.

What if the note-numbers are located above each other.Do not worry - there is a way to play and the scenario.If several figures lined up in a column, then this chord.We need to try to squeeze all of the notes at the same time announce the dates of the strings.

Despite such a long explanation on the tablature game is simple and concise.We do not mean the party challenging music.The main thing to start and try to play.You quickly get into the system of guitar tablature.

There tablature for all instruments.Of particular interest are the tablature for drums and percussion.There really is a huge number of signs, which, however, it is not difficult to remember.Experience comes with activity.

If you have never experienced music theory, you can be difficult to deal with the duration of notes.Let's try to understand durations.Thus, the longest note is called the "whole".It sounds a whole cycle.If, say, the size of a piece of music four quarters, the whole sounds 4 beats per measure.It is denoted by the numeral without vertical bar, when classical sheet is designated a hollow.Next comes the "half."This note is, in this case, gender sensitivity, ie two hits."Quarter" - the third note on playing time.It sounds the one fourth of one cycle and is denoted by the vertical bar."Eighth" - sounds floor "quarter".Indicate the eighth vertical line with a tail.Eighth interconnected in tablature greasy bar at the bottom or top of the linked notes."Sixteenth" - sounds the eighth floor, and one-fourth quarter.It is also referred to as the eighth, but with two tails.Between themselves, these notes are joined by a double thick line.

This basic length, which is used in musical compositions and guitar tablature.But do not stop there, read tablature and learn new details.