What guitar is better?

What guitar is better?

Guitar - is a great musical instrument whose sounds can warm the heart and soul of any person.To learn how to play the guitar, you need to put a lot of investment and effort, but it's worth it.Also, aspiring musician, no matter whether it is a self-taught student or school of music, you must first select the guitar.Often before the newcomers raises the question of what a good guitar and why.

To understand, should first determine how serious you are about making music.If you are self-taught guitar and you only need to please yourself and loved ones at home, the requirements of the instrument are not as inflated as if you chose the guitar for professional work.

guitars types

To answer the question of what kind of acoustic guitar is better for you to start is to determine the direction of the music you want to play.Because of this it is to be repelled with the purchase of the instrument.

  • Classical guitar with nylon strings, so beautiful for those who want a professional musician and attends clas
    ses at the music school.With this guitar can play a beautiful sketch, song or flamenco.Also worth noting is that this tool is ideal for the performance of classical style music.Typically, these guitar features a soft velvety and very pleasant sound.
  • Pop guitar with metal strings, is more suited for fans of popular music, its sound is very shrill, loud and clear.It is perfect for playing rock music or jazz.Also worth noting is that the body of pop guitar scale length and a little more, that classic tool.

When choosing a guitar special attention should be paid to each of its parts separately from the peg to the strings.Note that the stand for strings was as follows glued to the body, focusing on the Colca, they have quietly spinning, or tight or weak, but gently and without jerks.Carefully inspect the body, it should not be any, even the smallest defects.Look for scratches and no drip to see where the glue or varnish.If the guitar body in good condition, then now is the time to be determined with the strings.

Types strings

about what strings for the guitar better go constant debate, because their choice is not only sound, but also the convenience that too is not unimportant.Let's look at their views, after which you'll be able to select which strings the most suitable to you.

  • Metal strings, they are often preferred by professionals, because they make it possible to sound the guitar loud and bright, but newcomers are unlikely to get as much pleasure, because of their rigidity, the tips of the fingers will constantly calloused, and this will agree, quite well,It does not cause delight.This type of string is very good for a quick play on the guitar, the sound is special and if we talk about longevity, believe me, a guitar with metal strings will last you a very long time.
  • Synthetic strings, they are different from the metal is not only sound, but also softness and a beginner, choose them, will experience minimal discomfort during rehearsals.They are much softer than the first version, and the sound they gently caress, you can even say that a little muffled.And believe me it is not bad at all for the performance of some of the songs a certain style.One of the main disadvantages of synthetic strings is that they are not durable, so, for example, a few months later reinforced lessons they wear out, and they will need to change in order not to spoil the sound and not deprive yourself of the comfortable classes.Also, it is worth noting that tune nylon strings is much harder metal strings, and if you are an amateur, you'd better not to take up the matter on their own.

about what the best strings for the guitar is hard to say, because there is no clear answer, in this case, should be repelled only by their own preferences, taking into account its own style of play and level of training.

What kind of guitar to buy

question is particularly acute on the kind of guitar is better to buy when you are in a music store, because of the diversity of colors and shapes of tools simply scatter eyes.A seemingly so simple, just a regular acoustic guitar, but that the choice of this tool is very rich, and the price range is so wide that doubt creep into his head.The main thing is not to lose, remember all that illuminates our article, and then follow the clear instructions on.And most importantly, try to play the selected instrument, who knows, maybe your guitar, you will feel and learn from the first note!It will also help define the shape.

So, now you know about how huge selection of acoustic guitars, and most importantly, what you know, what should guide the choice of the instrument and what aspects to take into account.This will allow you to choose the best and most user-friendly, especially for you, the tool, to determine is what kind of guitar better.Good luck to you in the selection and training!