How much is the guitar ?

How much is the guitar ?

One of the most popular tools is the guitar.This is not surprising - it can always take with you, it does not take up much space at home, learn how to accompany the guitar may be just a few months.When selecting a tool has to be guided by personal subjective feelings, class, type of guitar and, of course, cost.About how much is the guitar, you will learn from this article.

best place buy

own guitar, you can get in different ways: buy at a music store, buy used on an ad or make a purchase via the Internet.The most reliable, but at the same time expensive way - it's music stores.When choosing a guitar, you can test different models and choose the one that fits nicely in the hand and beautiful sounds.And it is the leading criteria that need to be guided in the selection tool.All this you have no purchasing tool via the Internet."Handheld" Buying a guitar can be used only if you understand the tools.Then you will be able to adequately assess her condition.

Acoustic Guitar

Guitars are different.Th

ey differ not only in appearance, sound and cost, but also on a class.What many call common guitar is an acoustic guitar, or "acoustics".But even it can be different: six, seven and dvenadtsatistrunnoy.Classical called six-string guitar.

For a beginner guitar can be purchased for 70-240 euros.There are cheaper models, but, as a rule, their quality leaves much to be desired.Saving 20-25 euros (maximum), you risk getting a guitar that is suitable only for interior decoration.

From manufacturers guitars Economy advise you to pay attention to the Colombo guitar (from 65 euros), Martinez (from 85 euros), Hohner and the Yamaha (from 100 euros), Strunal (from 110 euros).

If we talk about a particular brand, for the beginners one of the most ideal options are guitar brand HOHNER.Their low cost is due to the country the manufacturer - China.But unlike his compatriots instruments, guitar HOHNER produced on German quality standards.Therefore, despite the low cost of these tools are perfectly sound.Now it is possible to pick up an instrument of this manufacturer from 65 Euros.Brand HC-6 at the time was considered the best guitar in its class and price range.

course, there are much more expensive brands.For a long time the best guitar manufacturers were considered firm Fender and Gibson.Their tools and is now recognized as one of the highest quality, which, of course, is displayed on the value.Of course, they have to date there are more fuel-efficient models (from 110 euros).But the most Fender or Gibson, who is appreciated by knowledgeable people, starting from the price range of 190-200 euros for the basic model.Now on the market a huge number of other equally high-quality brands Ashtone, Cort, ESP, Ibanez, Jackson, Martinez, Phill Pro, PRS, Swing, Tokai.Their value is entered in the same price category.

Bass Guitar

low sounds are bass guitars.They differ from the others not only the sound but also the number of strings.Most of them are 4 strings, at least - and very rare 5 - 6. However, despite the fewer strings they are much more expensive speakers.Even the most unpretentious of Chinese-made model will set you back 100 euros and more.Those tools, which is to look closely, there are even more expensive.

For the novice a good choice is the guitar Jay Turser JTB402 TSB, its price in different shops will start from 130 euros.Much more expensive tool (from 260 euros) - it's guitar, which are the beginning and even already known to some as a group.This class applies to the instrument Aria IGB-68.But this is not a "ceiling" for even nekollektsionnyh models.If you want to become the owner of the guitar Fender ROAD WORN 50's P-BASS FRD, then you have to be postponed for at least 1350 euros.


The most expensive option - is electric.After all, in addition to the tool you will need to purchase additional equipment, without which it can not do (combo amp, lotions).Even if you decide to save money and will consider the option b / u devices, invest even 200 euro will not be easy.

instrument itself can be purchased for 100 euros or less.But this is a very bad option, which is to accept only as a last resort, when you are well, just can not afford anything else.In this case, select mainly in appearance.Other indicators can not even be considered, all models are almost identical in their musical "stuffing."Tools brands Cort or Parksons sound a bit advantageous of its competitors, but the guitars Phip Pro better "dismiss" immediately.

Guitar for beginners are in the range of 100-250 euros.It mostly Chinese brands, but quite decent quality.For the production of such body guitars used wood, not particle board, for cheaper, which is beneficial to their sound.Because of manufacturing firms can recommend Epiphone production models, Ibanez, LTD, Squier.Worthy models of these manufacturers will start from 120-140 euros.

Tools that cost more than 250 euros - this is a semi-model.They should stare if you will surely decide to tie his immediate future with this tool.

Guitar handmade

Worldwide there are shops that deal with custom tools.The cost of a guitar depends on the country of origin, tool material and, of course, the name of the master.For example, a guitar in the national workshop Ā«SavelevĀ» costs from 170 euros.But for Hanika production tools (Germany) will have to pay 600 euros.

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