What Guitar ?

What Guitar ?

No one style of music is not without such an important musical instrument like a guitar.And in many ways it is the main operating element.Let's understand more what the guitar.It is a musical stringed instrument related to the string type.

guitar Structure

main components of a guitar body and neck are considered, which is slightly convex from the front of a long handle, which are strung along a string.They are fixed with two ends: on the headstock guitars through a mechanism that is used to adjust the degree of tension of the strings, and its body fixed by means of a special stand.

to determine the working length of the strings of a guitar neck is equipped with Nut, while the lower one is installed on the guitar body, namely on its stand, and the top - near the headstock.The lower and upper plates guitar body are called the lower and upper deck.The latter is equipped with a special round hole with a diameter of 8.5 cm strictly - resonator.It is this part of the guitar determines the quality of

its sound.

principle of sound reproduction

Guitar Sound is created by vibrations of a stretched string.The degree of its tension, thickness and size of the work, which varies the height of sound depends.Adjusting his pitch produced by varying the length of the working part when the guitarist adds a string to the neck in a certain place.

Playing guitar can with your fingers or with special devices in the form of plates of different thicknesses triangular shape - the mediator.

What made guitar

Undoubtedly, from which is made from a guitar, it depends on the quality of reproduced sound and, therefore, cost.As for the strings, then they can be made of nylon or metal, and their thickness is gradually increased from the first to the last string.The body guitars can be made of different wood: alder, maple, walnut, spruce, mahogany and poplar.


Types There are several types of guitars: classical, jazz, acoustic, digital and electric guitar.And this is only the most common of them.