How to make a paper box ?

How to make a paper box ?

Boxes at home very often help us to store small items.Cosmetics, bolts, Gadget, jewelry and ornaments, a trifle, but still a lot of things!How to make a paper box, not to spend money to buy it?We will use heavy paper, because it holds its shape.But be that as it may, this paper, and in a year or two it will become worthless, because it can not be washed.But it can be painted and varnished.It can be easy to throw and do another, even better than before!The advantage of such boxes - its cheapness.

Capsule of thick paper

Make a pattern.Think about what size should be your box.Too much should not do it.But very small it should not be, because nothing will be able to fit into it.Therefore, when you think how to make paper box, stop for a medium size.For example, 10 to 15 cm. Drawing on such thick paper box.This will be the bottom of the box.Then pririsovyvat bumpers.Drawing from each facet of our bottom 4 has a rectangle 5 cm. Now, to each side edge of the bead pririsovyvat valves, by which we glued

carton.Valves are drawn as follows:. Width - on the verge side, height - 0.5 cm Then cut corners a little valve.Here and ready our pattern.Now it is necessary to cut, bend at the fold, and glue.To be safe, you can glue the box and outside.Cut a strip of beautiful colored paper and glue them to the sides.To decorate the box, you can draw on it ornament, inside put a piece of beautiful fabric.Once we figured out how to make a paper box, it is necessary to make a cover for this boxes.Take this as a pattern only on the sides of the bottom of the base add-on 1.5 mm on each side.And the height of the sides, on the contrary, reduce to 1 cm, drain, and when dry, put on top of your box.

Capsule from paper tubes

This technology will allow you to make a very strong and beautiful box, similar to the basket.So, take the A4 paper, cut it into three long strips of the same.Each screw the corner with a thin needle for knitting.It will turn tube, the edge of which it is necessary to glue adhesive-pencil.When you have made 50 pieces of tubes (it is very fast), proceed to the construction.You know weave in calico?That same pattern it is necessary to lay out on a clean sheet tube and glue them.It will take 4 sheets of size 15 by 10 cm. Then we need to cut the bottom of the carton 15 to 15 cm. Now glue on the inside of the box all the facets of the broad strips of paper.Then paint the newspaper tube, cover them with lacquer.On the inner side of the box glue velvet paper or a thick cloth.