How to make a purse out of paper ?

How to make a purse out of paper ?

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How to make a purse out of paper?

Purse, made with his own hands made of paper, will be a good place to store banknotes, cards, and business cards.Such a product can also be used as an original envelope for gift money.Consider several ways to fold wallet made of paper.

wallet with two pocket
s and flap

This is the easiest method of manufacturing a paper wallet.

We need an A4 sheet.You can use colored paper or a nice wrapping paper (only heavy, so that the product does not fall apart).

  1. Fold the sheet in half horizontally and vertically, to iron creases and then unfold.
  2. bend the edges to the center on both sides (to the fold line along the length as in the case where we do airplane).
  3. corners of a triangle add up to the grounds.
  4. Fold the top edge to the middle of the line.We do the same with the bottom edge.
  5. triangles on the sides folded back so that the back of the diamond turned.Fold the blank along fold line (away from you).
  6. We had a wallet with two pockets.Within each department there is a triangle.Pulls it out with one pocket - valve is our purse.


coins for such a small but roomy purse we need a square sheet of heavy paper (15x15 square with sides).

  1. Fold the sheet in half.For convenience it is better to place the workpiece horizontally.
  2. Divide it into three equal parts.For this retreat by 5 cm on the left and right sides of the resulting rectangle and do in this place bends.Then unfold.
  3. finger, lift the bottom right corner so that the right edge to the left bent and turned isosceles triangle.Do the same with the bottom left corner.
  4. Overturn workpiece.
  5. are folded to their edge (first right and then the left side).
  6. We get a rectangular shape.Unbend the top left corner (only one layer of paper).
  7. goes down the entire upper part of the figure (one layer).
  8. right corner of the triangle wrap (inside) for the reliability of the design.
  9. Overturn figure and repeat the same procedure (p. 6-8).

result was a wallet with a convenient pocket for coins.

With embossed paper (under the skin), thread and buttons, you can make an elegant purse - you just need to cut out the individual parts and sew them together, attach the button-clasp on the valve.You can decorate a purse pattern or inscription, made with special ink.

Those who liked tinkering with paper, you can go to the "Origami" and find there are many ways to manufacture a variety of figures.