How to make a cube out of paper ?

How to make a cube out of paper ?

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How to make a cube out of paper?

Who has not played in a game in which you need to throw the dice with sunglasses on the faces!Unfortunately, they are too often lost.To not have to because of a missing dice throw your favorite game, you can make a change of their own hands.It's easy, and more about the manufacturing process we describe below.

How can I make out of paper cube

Read more about the different options of paper cubes you can read in the article How to make a toy out of paper.In this article, we'll show you how to make a cube out of paper for the board game.This is usually small cubes, but are uncomfortable to glue difficult.Therefore we recommend to make a cube measuring 2 x 2 x 2 cm. Thus, the order of operations.

  1. Take a sheet of thick paper, draw a square with sides of 2 cm. This will be one facet of a cube.
  2. to each side of the square pririsovat more one - got five faces.
  3. A cube 6 sides, therefore, to one of the squares pririsovyvat another - six
    faces.The result was unfolding cube.
  4. to the brink could glue, allowances need to faces.We draw allowances.
  5. Now is the time to write on the faces of a number or put the points from 1 to 6 - points that will drop when throwing dice.Points better not write in pencil or ballpoint pen, and ink, or ordinary ink.
  6. When the ink dries, you need to cut the unfolding together with allowances.
  7. Bend unwrap one of the lines.To fold was more crisp, you need to spend on the top fold something hard and smooth, lightly pressing.
  8. Spread glue and glue dice allowances.

more complicated way to make a cube is described in the article How to make a cube out of paper.


-toy bricks In addition to simple cubes with glasses and pictures for the kids there are other blocks puzzle.

In the 60s the Japanese Naoki Yoshimoto cube invented a transformer, which is well named - Yoshimoto Cube.Naoki once found that two rhombus shapes square can be assembled, and created a structure consisting of a rhombic shape divided into four blocks.This construct, rotating parts, can be converted into highly varied shapes.

other names toy - a Rubik's Cube, invented by Hungarian Rubik in 80 years.Each face of the cube, painted in color and consists of 9 parts.First, the rotating of the cube, mix up all the colors, and then try to collect back.Often - to no avail.To learn how you can do a Rubik's cube of paper, tell our article How to make a cube-Rubik.