How to draw on the tablet ?

How to draw on the tablet ?

tablet, including graphics, is an innovative device that allows an ordinary person and a professional computer graphics to implement the most daring ideas, to realize their ideas.With the tablet, you will handle pictures without using the mouse, which had previously served as navigation tasks when dealing with applications.

features a graphic tablet

Mastering the job on the graphics tablet, note that you can enter handwritten text and translate it with the help of a special program in the printing.Thus, you have the opportunity not only to learn how to draw on the tablet, and in fact, to learn the technique, but also to put electronic signatures, presentations, and more importantly, to comment on the subordinate documents.The use of special applications for tablets, greatly expands your opportunities, as the user, for example, draw on the area map directions to a specific destination.

When communicating via the Internet, Tablet owners can run their own blog handwritten text or use the same text

for messages in social networks, via e-mail.If you do not possess great talents in the drawing area, after the development of a few lessons, you will learn how to draw on a graphics tablet on a photo or create your own patterns.They can be useful to you to communicate with friends who want to get away from you greeting card painted by hand or with a letter pattern.

Drawing on a plate for

picture Today, the market is extremely popular model of the brand Wacom graphics tablet.It offers a variety of complexity plates, which are designed as single user and the professional artist.The bundled tablets Wacom Bamboo Bamboo Fun and One ArtRage has a program that will draw even the most complex pictures.Today, we do not consider how to draw anime on the tablet, and will deal with the creation of beautiful drawings on the basis of ready-made images.

First, find an image that you want to draw.In our case, this is a color image of a parrot.At the bottom of the interface of the program ArtRage is an icon corresponding to the team "Tracing" - is a translucent sheet of paper.Open dialog box to select the image that you will play.If you do not know whether it is possible to draw on the tablet, which you recently purchased by ArtRage program, read the instructions to the tablet.Especially with the part, which deals with equipment.After your team, the image will appear in the active part of ArtRage in a transparent way.

Now you need to select a drawing tool, but first, note the following fact - after the appearance of a semi-transparent image, instead of a multi-colored rainbow palette of colors has become a pure white field.It bears the inscription "Using Trace Color. Click For Normal Color", which indicates that you do not need to choose a color in the drawing, since the program automatically selects the tone after streaking on a semi-transparent image of a parrot.If you want to return the palette of its usual form, click on its surface.Before you learn how to draw on the tablet, you need to thoroughly examine the program with which plan to work.And read the information offered on the Internet.

graphics tablet can be used for several purposes, including, for processing photos.But lately, more and more people are interested in how to draw on the tablet, or other anime drawings.In any case, the image drawing image is not limited to recommend one tool.As the use of multiple instruments, make your work more interesting and exciting, will enable to exercise maximum imagination.In general, the program ArtRage, you can always experiment - mix the colors, different textures.This will give the image of expression and individual style.