How to make a robot out of Lego ?

How to make a robot out of Lego ?

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How to make a robot out of Lego?

Almost every child (and sometimes adults) wants to assemble his own robot.For such purposes, it is best to approach Lego.The different sets are a lot of elements, thanks to which you can make not only the usual static model of the robot, but also of the programmable "monster".Of course, these sets are not cheap, but the device produced with their help, really impressive.

How to make a robot out of the ordinary Lego?

If you want to build a conventional model of the robot, which will not perform any function, then you will need any of Lego, in which there are many different building blocks and rectangles of different lengths.

Assembling Lego robots:

  1. First, shoot the robot foot of two broad rectangles;
  2. Now put in the back of each of the three rectangles square segment designer, built on each other;
  3. Install on each leg one at a rectangular segment of the designer (their dimensions should be slightly higher than the previo
    us blocks);
  4. Then install two more cubes on each leg;
  5. Now connect both feet wide rectangle and build on it the body of the most massive rectangles;
  6. To attach the hand, the two rectangles that will perform at 2 must be put at the top of the trunk - 3 sections of its circuits (this will be his shoulders);
  7. After that, each side must be connected to 2 dice down on the protruding segments "shoulders";
  8. Next, attach the bottom of the dice on one narrow rectangle;
  9. Now you need to make the top of the neck of the body of one or two square blocks;
  10. put one on his neck a rectangular cube, which will be the robot head.

can also be attached to the robot various sections and fragments of the designer to diversify its external appearance.

programmable robot Lego Mindstorms

To create a robot that can move independently, to overcome obstacles and respond to external stimuli, you will need a special set of Lego Mindstorms NXT (or newer model).Depending on the configuration it includes a number of small motors, a powerful engine, 6 and connecting cables, programmable module with battery and external interfaces and TD Of course, such a robot to collect, take some time and a bit of perseverance, but difficulties with thethe assembly process and the launch should arise.In addition, these kits allow you to collect cars for a variety of schemes.

Instructions for assembly robot Lego Terrain:

  1. To start collect robot caterpillar, on which it will move;
  2. Take 2 medium rectangular parts and three rectangular parts smaller, collect them by means of pins and set the 2 wheels at the edges;
  3. Then pull the wheels with rubber tracks;
  4. Likewise collect second caterpillar;
  5. Collect basic robot drive three gears of different sizes (should get a pinion gear) and interactive servo;
  6. At the end of the pinion of the gear set special square gears that connect it to the wheel tracks through the hairpin;
  7. Since the second hand servo should establish a small rectangular piece and the angle that will fix the actuator on the basis of a caterpillar;
  8. Now you need to collect a second drive and connect it to the second caterpillar;
  9. Now, if the engine start supplying power, the caterpillar will move;
  10. Next, by means of long studs and segments combine both structures of servo tracks and a single block with a square base, which can fit into a control unit;
  11. Install central power unit with processor and NXT control system (it is the "brain" of the robot and battery).
  12. Next you need to fix the module to the frame using studs;
  13. Install six AA batteries in the central module of the robot;
  14. Connect both motors from the top with the help of the crossbar;
  15. Attach ultrasonic sensor is a long rectangular piece and connect it to the input of the main unit using a special cable;
  16. Connect the servos to the outputs of the control unit using cables;
  17. Now you can turn on the robot and select one of the built-in programs or write your own.

In the same way, you can make a tank from Lego or build more sophisticated robot having a much greater number of functions.